How do you get matching records from two files using sort?

How do you get matching records from two files using sort?

JCL SORT to join two files and writes records from both files :

  1. Matched Records (Inner Join) –
  2. Matched Records and Non Matched Records from File1 –
  3. Non Matched from File1 –
  4. Matched Records and Non Matched from File2 –
  5. Non Matched from File2 –
  6. Matched Records and Non Matched Records from both files –

How do I merge two datasets in JCL?

JCL for merging data sets directly

  1. You do not need dynamic allocation of work data sets or SORTWKdd DD statements.
  2. Instead of the SORTIN DD statement, you use SORTINnn DD statements to define the input data sets. The SORTINnn DD statements name the input data sets, and tell how many data sets will be merged.

How can I compare two VSAM files in JCL?

To compare two VSAm datasets , you can also use the option 10 (Compare) of the INSYNC file management tool. Any JCL or VSAM Utility to get number…

Where can I find unmatched records in JCL?

JOIN UPAIRED gives you matches and both types of mismatch. JOIN UNPAIRED,F1,F2 is equivalent. The REFORMAT statement defines the records on the joined file. You want all the data from both/either record, and you want to know whether there was a match, and if no match, which input file had the record.

What is concatenation in JCL?

Concatenating Datasets If there is more than one dataset of the same format, they can be concatenated and passed as an input to the program in a single DD name. OUTPUT in the SORTOUT DD name.

How do I append two mainframes?

It is possible to process two (2) or more files as a single data set by concatenating the DD statements….Programming Objectives.

1 Describe and Demonstrate how to create test files
2 Describe and Demonstrate how to concatenate data sets using JCL and a COBOL program

How to write a file for mismatched Records?

First step will have ICETOOl where you can write the matching records to matched file. Second you can write a file for mismatched by using SORT/ICETOOl or by just file operations. Show activity on this post.

How to compare two files to get matching records?

The output file must have a particular column of the first file for those records whose column value matches with that of the column of the second file. Highligted fileds in the files are to be compared , and the output should have the vlaues from file 1 for the matching records.

How to check if a file does not have paired Records?

If there is NO match from either of files then append/prefix some special character say ‘$’ Compare via IFTHEN for ‘$’, if exists then it doesnt have a paired record, it’ll be written into unpaired file and rest to paired file.

How do I combine all unmatched records into one file?

The apparent requirement is for all unmatched records, from either F1 or F2, to be written to one file. This will require a REFORMAT statement which includes both records in their entirety: REFORMAT FIELDS= (F1:1,5200,F2:1,5200,?)