How do you do the fourth step in AA?

How do you do the fourth step in AA?

As such, one way to approach the 4th step is to list memories of people; institutions or organizations; principles, ideas, or beliefs; and events, situations or circumstances that have produced negative feelings (anger, bitterness, resentment, etc.).

Can I download AA Big Book?

Individuals may download a single copy of a book or pamphlet from for their personal use.

How does step 4 Work?

Working Step Four

  1. List ways you have avoided taking personal responsibility for your own actions.
  2. List ways that you have become unreasonably angry.
  3. List ways that fear has taken over your actions.
  4. List things you have done that you are now ashamed of.

Is there an official AA app?

The AA Speakers to Go app is found on Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Android devices. It’s free in the Android store, and only $4.99 in the Apple store.

Are AA books free?

At the Freedom Club, you’ll find recovery literature, including A.A. and N.A. literature, available near cost or for free. Many of us have found this literature extremely helpful in our personal recovery.

What is the spiritual principle of step 4?

The Spiritual Principle courage lies behind A.A.’s Step Four: “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” Here we summon the courage to honestly look deep within. We take a look at how our behavior has become warped to justify our continued misbehavior.

What is the best AA app?

Best apps to stop drinking alcohol

  • Sober Grid. Android: Free. iPhone: Free.
  • Twenty-Four Hours a Day. Android: $5.99. iPhone: $5.99.
  • Sobriety Counter. Android: Free.
  • Nomo. Android: Free.
  • AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker. Android: Free.
  • I Am Sober. iPhone: Free.
  • Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson. Android: $2.99.
  • Happify. iPhone: Free.

What is step four?

Step Four is a fact-finding and fact-facing process. We are searching for the “causes and conditions” of our miserable results in life! We want to uncover the truth about ourselves.

What is Step 4 of sobriety?

The Fourth Step is ONE of our first action step towards PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL sobriety. We are in a process to recreate our lives. In Step 3, We made a decision to give up our old plans for living and to try A.A.’s 12 Step Plan for Living. Step Four is a fact-finding and fact-facing process.

Where do the fourth step inventory worksheets come from?

Everything contained in the Fourth Step Inventory Worksheets is directly from the book – Alcoholics Anonymous. The worksheets were created by using the precise instructions in the Big Book to make taking the Fourth Step as easy and simple as possible.

What is the purpose of the 12 steps?

The purpose of taking the 12 Steps — is so that you can experience being happy, joyous, free and comfortable — while sober — as you go out to help other alcoholics and suffering people to find what you have found — that changed you! Step 4: “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”