How do you become a USAPL pro?

How do you become a USAPL pro?

USA Powerlifting Pro Card Status

  1. Top 3 Open Equipped Lifters (in each weight class) at Nationals.
  2. Earn a Pro Card in Bench Press (from 2021 Nationals) Top 3 Open at Nationals (in each weight class)

Who holds the world record for powerlifting?

Powerlifter John Haack Totals 1005.5KG at 90KG for Raw All-Time World Record.

Who holds the American deadlift record?

Antonio “TJ” Marrero has claimed the title in the 74-kilogram weight class with a 283-kilogram (623.9-pound) deadlift. The 17-year-old set the new American Record at the 2021 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Massachusetts/Rhode Island State Championships on Aug.

Does USAPL allow sumo?

Yes, sumo deadlifting is allowed in all powerlifting competitions, regardless of federation or class. In fact, it’s a more common style of deadlift among lighter weight class categories.

How do you qualify for USAPL nationals?

NOTE: A National Meet Qualifying Total must be achieved in a USA Powerlifting-sanctioned meet on or after January 1 of the year before the year in which the National Meet is being held and before the entry deadline for the meet. This includes all USA Powerlifting National Meets.

What is the difference between USAPL and IPF?

The biggest and most notable difference is that the USAPL is drug tested and the majority of the USPA competitions are not. Since the USAPL has split from the IPF, they no longer have an approved equipment list, it just must meet the required specifications.

Can you use knee sleeves for deadlift USAPL?

KNEE SLEEVES Sleeves, being cylinders of neoprene, may be worn only on the knees by the lifter in the performance of any lift in competition; sleeves cannot be worn or used on any part of the body other than the knees. Knee sleeves cannot be worn when the lifter also wears knee wraps.

What are American records in powerlifting?

American Records represent the best lifts performed at any USA Powerlifting competition where the appropriate referees are present to judge the lifts. Did you set an American Record at a State or Regional meet?

How do I claim my powerlifting record?

Claim your record by submitting the American Records Claim Form. NOTE – This form is ONLY to be used for American Records set at either a USA Powerlifting Nationals, NAPF or IPF meet. American Records set at State or Regional meet must be submitted to the National Office by the Meet Director Only.

What is USAPL?

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