How do I trade in SimCity?

How do I trade in SimCity?

In order to trade in specific goods, you’ll need the appropriate storage lots. Only the ones for raw materials (raw ore, coal, and crude oil) are available right away. Simply edit your trade depot, add the appropriate storage lots as modules, and you’re set.

How does the trade depot work in SimCity?

Import, export, and store resources such as coal and crude oil with this basic building. In this way, a Trade Depot can absorb industrial output in the absence of commercial demand and periodically sell it on the global market, earning your city money in the process. …

How do I export oil in SimCity?

Select the crude oil from the tabs across the top if it isn’t already, then click the “Export” button. Your trade depot will sell any excess crude oil every 60 minutes, and the money will automatically accumulate in the treasury.

How do I sell items on trade Depot SimCity?

How can I sell my items? Once you hit the minimum population target to make your Trade Depot available, you’ll find it on the highway just outside your city limits. Tap it to start selling. Items you put up for sale here will appear to other Mayors in the Global Trade HQ, if you remember to advertise them!

Can I import freight SimCity?

Freight cannot be bought on the market. Freight can be transmitted via region by a street connected neighbor overproducing. The trucks from that city will automatically go directly to your Commercial buildings.

How do I unlock trade depot in SimCity BuildIt?

The Trade Depot is where you can sell items to other players for Simoleons. It is unlocked when reaching 8,000 population. You Start with 6 slots that you can sell items in and can add a max of 26 more slots for a max of 32.

Can I import freight Simcity?

How do I unlock trade depot in Simcity Buildit?

How do I make a good trade port?

Think ahead about where you wish to place your trade port. You can add modules to let it trade on the sea, or on the rails, or both, but your trade port has to be close enough to take advantage. If you have both rails and the sea, you can extend your tracks with heavy rails to bring the trains closer to the sea to take advantage of both modules.

What can you do with the rail trade port?

Allows your trade port to trade resources among all rail-connected cities in the region. Able to import and export a large amount of a single resource at a time every 6 hours.

How do I add storage to my trade depots?

Simply edit your trade depot, add the appropriate storage lots as modules, and you’re set. Because trade depots have a maximum of four storage lots (including the freight storage lot, which you can destroy if you need to), you’ll likely want two or more trade depots if you’re going all-out for resources.

How much does it cost to set up a trade depot?

Your first trade depot costs a mere $10,000, which should be chickenfeed even to an early city. Once you establish your income strategy, regardless of what it is, place your first trade depot. Its location in the city isn’t overly important.