How do I see my garrison followers?

How do I see my garrison followers?

When followers aren’t on a mission or working, they hang around in your garrison and you can ask them to come patrol with you. Patrolling followers help you fight monsters within your garrison perimeter, even during garrison invasions!

How do I get more followers in Draenor?

The followers interface only shows followers the player can recruit on Draenor through meeting, quests, or achievements, however hundreds of followers exist and can be recruited randomly through the tavern every week.

How many followers can you have in your garrison?

You’re only allowed 20 active followers at a time, and a follower that is working in a building counts towards that total. It’s up to you to decide if the trade-off is worth it — but more often than not, it absolutely is. Of course your followers are just as flexible as the buildings you construct, too.

How do I assign followers to garrison buildings?

Follower assignment (and removal) to buildings is done from your garrison Architect Table. Placing or removing followers is free and there is no cooldown for either action. On top of those, Bodyguard trait allows a follower to be assigned to level 2 or higher Barracks.

How do you upgrade Garrison followers?

In short

  1. You can upgrade your follower item-level above the epic quality armor level of 645.
  2. Relative upgrades will not be added if a higher static upgrade is used.
  3. After getting followers to the item-level ‘plateaus’ (615,630,645) new, higher level, garrison missions will unlock at random. (

How do I use followers in my garrison shadow of war?

If you received an Orc Follower via a War Chest you can deploy them into your Army in a specific region by going to Menu > Garrison and selecting the Followers option at the top of the screen.

What is a follower in wow?

A Follower is an NPC exclusive to the Garrison or Order Hall system who may be assigned to work at a specific building, can perform tasks for a player character such as limited profession gathering/crafting, or go on missions.

What are followers in World of Warcraft?

Followers are a type of mission table units that can be assigned to missions. In Legion and Battle for Azeroth, followers are divided into champions and troops.

Where is croman’s sword?

To get Croman as a follower you need to do the first two bosses in a certain order. First you need to kill Slave Watcher Crushto, then free Croman from pushing the wheel. Then you need to kill Forgemaster Gog’duh, upon which Croman will retrieve a sword from the forge behind the boss.

What is send a follower to the garrison shadow of war?

The Garrison is the inventory for Market stuff. You’ll find followers, unopened chests and boosts here. Followers shows you your undeployed followers, unopened chests are, like you’d expect, chests that you’ve bought or earned that you haven’t opened yet and boosts are just where your unconsumed boosts are kept.

What level can you get followers in World of Warcraft?

Warlords of Draenor introduced followers to World of Warcraft along with garrison. Followers can be thought as garrison companion pets with a twist. They have unique skill sets and they can be leveled up to level 100 like the player; at maximum level item levels are unlocked to the followers.

What is a follower in World of Warcraft?

Where is Nagrand in Wow?

Nagrand is a Burning Crusade zone located in Outland. It lies south of Zangarmarsh, west of Terokkar Forest, and southwest of Hellfire Peninsula. It is the last remaining unscarred region of Outland.

Where is napnagrand in Wow?

Nagrand is a Burning Crusade zone located in Outland. It lies south of Zangarmarsh, west of Terokkar Forest, and southwest of Hellfire Peninsula.