How do I reset my Hunter fan remote?

How do I reset my Hunter fan remote?

Press and hold both the ‘FAN’ button and the ‘SPEED 3’ button for at least four seconds. This step should be done within three minutes of restoring power to the fan. Your fan should turn on low speed indicating the pairing was successful.

Why is my Hunter fan remote not working?

Perhaps the most common cause for a ceiling fan remotes not working is either a lack of batteries or dead batteries. If your remote control has an indicator light, check to see if it comes on. Open the remote control battery cover. Make sure it has batteries and that they’re in the correct position.

Can you replace a Hunter fan remote?

If you have lost or broke your ceiling fan remote control there are many different replacements available. Whether you have a Hunter Ceiling Fan, Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan or Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan, you can find remote control replacements that will work with your fan.

Are all Hunter fans remote compatible?

Hunter fans that come with pull chains are compatible with either a handheld remote or a wall control that mounts inside the wall switch. Our most popular handheld remote is the 99122 and most popular wall control is model 99375. Each of these models includes the receiver unit as well.

Are Hunter remotes universal?

Note that this is a universal remote which can be used on any brand of fan.

What battery goes in a Hunter fan remote?

The battery currently used in Hunter fan remote controls is CR2032 – a watch-style round disc.

What kind of battery does a ceiling fan remote use?

Ceiling Fan Remote Control Battery 23A 12V Alkaline (5 Pack)

Brand Prime
Compatible Devices Fan
Battery Description A23
Number of Batteries 5 AA batteries required. (included)

Where is the model number on a hunter ceiling fan?

Enter your model number, typically located on the top of your fan motor on a Hunter tag, and we’ll find the right documentation for you. Ceiling Fan Parts and Accessories Hunter fan parts like light kits, downrods, replacement shades, and even specialty bulbs can keep your fan running right.

How do I get a copy of my Hunter Fan manual?

Getting a copy of your Hunter fan manual through our website can help you with installation, adding accessories like light kids, and finding replacement parts for your fan. Our website is also a rich resource for information you won’t find in your basic fan manual.

How to repair a Hunter Fan remote control?

Repairing a Hunter Fan Remote Control Step 1: Opening the Remote. After removing the battery cover and the 9v battery, use a small, thin, philips screwdriver… Step 2: Removing the Circuit Board. The board is being held in place with one phillips screw (two actually, the other… Step 3: Cleaning

What are the best parts for a Hunter Fan?

Hunter fan parts like light kits, downrods, replacement shades, and even specialty bulbs can keep your fan running right. We aim to make it easy for our customers to find ceiling fan repair parts and replacement parts to get their fans up and running again.