How do I program my Power Commander 3?

How do I program my Power Commander 3?

With the ignition off, hold down all three buttons on the Power Commander III unit. While still holding down the buttons, turn on the ignition and start the bike. Release the buttons. The light(s) should show up in the last place they were left, by default the center two lights.

What can you do with a Power Commander 3?

The Power Commander III USB allows a full range of fuel adjustment, as much as +/- 100% over stock. Adjustments can be made either with a Windows based computer or by using the face plate mounted button adjusters. No permanent changes are made to the bike’s system.

How do you program a Power Commander?

Hold down all three buttons on the face of the Power Commander unit and turn on the bike’s ignition. Release all the buttons once the engine is idling normally. The Power Commander manual recommends waiting approximately 20 seconds before making any adjustments.

How do you tune a motorcycle with a Power Commander?

Can you tune a power commander?

DynoJet’s Power Commander has been a popular tool for backyard mechanics who want to fine-tune their engine’s fuel injection settings, particularly for track applications. Once connected, however, the Power Commander is a simlpe device to operate, allowing for hassle-free tuning of your machine.

What does a “power commander” do?

A power commander is a kind of tuning tool that adjusts the amount of fuel and works on the motorcycle’s ignition timing. It is used in motorcycles to boost engine performance by enhancing the level of horsepower.

What is a power commander?

A Power Commander is a brand of fuel injection or ignition timing manufactured by Dynojet Research Inc. The Power Commander is used by motorcycles as a way of boosting their engine performance to a higher level of horsepower than a rider might get from the motorcycle’s stock engine performance.

What is a power Commander 3 USB?

Dynojet Power Commander 3 USB. The Power Commander 3 USB provides precise information for fine-tuning fuel-injected motorcycle with upgraded air filters, aftermarket exhaust systems or engine modifications. Each unit includes a built-in microprocessor and a base map designed to improve engine performance over stock.

What is a power commander for Harley Davidson?

Power Commander is considered a “race-only” line, which means that most of its users are bikers who drive competitively. Power Commander manufactures a III line that is nearly as powerful as the PC but can be used by bikes you would find on the street, like Harley-Davidson and Dyna.