How do I link my email to Pipedrive?

How do I link my email to Pipedrive?

To enable the Email Sync feature, go to Personal Preferences > Email sync, and click the Connect your account button. Provide the login information for the email account you wish to sync to Pipedrive, and start sending those emails.

Can you send emails from Pipedrive?

Pipedrive’s Sales Inbox includes cutting-edge features designed to save you time when doing your daily tasks. You will also be able to send emails to your contacts directly from Pipedrive, which will then be synced back to your inbox.

Does Pipedrive integrate with Gmail?

Pipedrive is the original pipeline CRM software for more sales and less legwork. It’s easy to use and integrates with Gmail, giving you context about deals and contacts without leaving your inbox. Add Pipedrive to your Gmail inbox to create and edit contacts, deals, activities and notes.

Does Pipedrive email marketing?

New York — March 5, 2020 — CRM company Pipedrive today announced that it has acquired Mailigen, provider of a cost-effective, easy-to-use email marketing automation solution. Together, we will offer sales and email marketing solutions that solve more of our customers’ problems and are even more useful.”

How do I track an email in Pipedrive?

To enable Email Tracking in your Pipedrive account, go to Personal preferences > Email sync. If you have connected an email account through the Email Sync feature of the Advanced plan, you will find ‘Email tracking’ options listed there.

What is two way email sync in Pipedrive?

The Email Sync feature allows you to sync your email to your Pipedrive inbox so that you can email your clients from within Pipedrive and view emails in your contact or deal detail views. The email sync will intuitively calculate which contacts and deals your emails should be linked to.

How do I send a bulk email from Pipedrive?

To send emails from a list of contacts, select the “Contacts” menu item, switch to the appropriate filter if necessary, and select your recipients. Select “Group Email”: Select the email template you wish to use, and customize the text as needed.

Does Pipedrive have a Chrome extension?

Pipedrive’s Chrome extension is designed to help you effortlessly log into your Pipedrive account directly from Google Chrome apps page. For help, log into your Pipedrive account, click on the “Quick help” and then on “Talk to us.” Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]

How do I add Pipedrive to Gmail?

Once you click on Install, you will be prompted to give permission to Pipedrive to access your Google Account and start installing the app. When the add-on has been installed, you will see it in your Gmail Sidebar. You will be asked to log in to your Pipedrive account if it’s the first time using the add-on.

Can you bulk email in Pipedrive?

Pipedrive makes it incredibly easy to send emails en mass, but don’t let the name of the feature fool you! Selecting “Group Email” allows you to send emails to recipients individually using a single template. Select the email template you wish to use, and customize the text as needed.

Is Pipedrive good for marketing?

Use a CRM tool that benefits both sales and marketing From workflow automations and custom reports to sending bulk emails, with Pipedrive you can manage your sales and marketing initiatives in one place.

How do I Sync my email with Pipedrive?

This feature allows you to sync your email inbox to your Pipedrive account, allowing you to access your email without having to leave Pipedrive. To enable the Email Sync feature, go to Personal Preferences > Email sync, and click the Connect your account button.

What happens if I delete an email from my Pipedrive?

Note: If you delete a linked email from the Mail tab of your Pipedrive, it will no longer appear in the Detail View of that associated deal. If you are having issues with your email sync connection, follow our Email sync troubleshooting guide for some tips on how to troubleshoot the most common issues.

How does Pipedrive calculate which contacts my email conversations belong to?

Whichever method you use, Pipedrive will intuitively calculate which contacts, leads, and deals your email conversations belong to, based on the email address you’re sending the message to. This means you’ll always have a clear picture of all conversations from the Detail View of both the Person and Deal.

How do I forward customer emails to Pipedrive?

Simply BCC that address, no matter which email provider or client you use, and the emails will appear inside Pipedrive. These emails can be copied to the relevant deals and contacts in a blink. You can also forward customer emails to Pipedrive to update existing deals or create new contacts.