How do I get product information by product ID in WooCommerce?

How do I get product information by product ID in WooCommerce?

“get product details by product id woocommerce” Code Answer’s

  1. $product_id = 1100;
  2. $product = wc_get_product($product_id);
  3. echo $product->get_stock_quantity();

How do I get product category description in WooCommerce?

In wp-admin, go to Products > Categories and edit a category to make sure there is a description to display. Save the archive-product. php file above and view your category. You should now see the description.

How do I find product ID from product name?

“get product name by product id in woocommerce” Code Answer

  1. $product = wc_get_product( $post_id );
  2. $product->get_regular_price();
  3. $product->get_sale_price();
  4. $product->get_price();

How do I show product category in WordPress?

Head over to Posts » Categories page. If you are creating a new category, then you can simply enter category name and description here and then click on ‘Add new category’ button. If you want to add description to an existing category, then you need to click on the ‘Edit’ link below that category.

How do I add a category in CPT UI?

Install and activate the CPT UI plugin.

  1. Create the new Post Type. To create a new custom post type click on the “Add New” button in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin under your CPT UI menu.
  2. Create the Taxonomy for the Categories and Assign them to the Post Type.

How can I get current category name?

You can do this with the help of get_cat_ID function() function. $category_id = get_cat_ID( ‘Category Name’ ); Here you can get the ID of any category by specifying the name of the category, in place of ‘Category Name’. This ID is then saved inside a variable called $category_id.

How to get current product category name from the product in WooCommerce?

If you want to get current product category name from the product in WooCommerce, you can use the $wp_query object or get_the_terms() function as you would for any other WordPress post. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to get current product category from the product.

What is show single variations in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Show Single Variations allows you to display multiple variations of the same product in your shop as though they are separate products. This allows you to efficiently manage the variations of the same product under a single product.

Where are WooCommerce products stored in the database?

A WooCommerce product is essentially a WordPress post, therefore, any product that you create in WooCommerce is stored in the corresponding posts database table. The SKU name and product ID are stored in the posts metadata table in WordPress.

How do I find the product ID of a product?

By hovering over a product in the product list page in your WordPress back-end. If you have access to the database that WordPress runs on, you can query for the product ID directly using the product SKU name. You may use the existing WooCommerce class in PHP to access and display the product ID.