How do I get my Lexmark printer to recognize my refilled cartridge?

How do I get my Lexmark printer to recognize my refilled cartridge?


  1. Place the original working cartridge (the empty or near-empty one) back into the printer.
  2. Turn the printer off.
  3. With the printer switched off, open the top lid and remove the old toner cartridge.
  4. Now replace the old cartridge with another new Lexmark toner cartridge.
  5. Power the printer back on.

How do I clear error messages on my Lexmark printer?

To clear the message, turn the printer off, reinstall the paper tray, and turn the printer on. If the error message continues, call for service.

How do I bypass Lexmark low ink?

  1. Access the “Printer Settings” window.
  2. Select properties for your printer.
  3. Click the “Ports” tab in the Properties window.
  4. Disable bi-directional communication.
  5. Click “Apply” and then click “OK.” This update will disable bi-directional communication with the printer, effectively turning off low ink warnings.

How do you run a cleaning cycle on a Lexmark printer?

Step-by-step guide on How to clean Lexmark printer rollers

  1. Step 1 : Turn off the device.
  2. Step 2 : Open the printer.
  3. Step 3 : Remove the cartridge.
  4. Step 4 : Find the roller.
  5. Step 5 : Remove the roller.
  6. Step 6 : Wash with warm water.
  7. Step 7 : Reinstall the roller.
  8. You now know how to clean Lexmark printer rollers.

How do I reset my Lexmark printer cartridge?

Navigate to the Maintenance Page Count menu item using the arrow or the Select button. Navigate to the Reset menu option and then press Select. Press the Return button to come out of the diagnostic mode. Now your toner cartridge chip is reset and you can resume a normal printing operation.

How do I clear the memory on my Lexmark printer?

Erasing printer memory

  1. From the home screen, touch Settings > Device > Maintenance > Out of Service Erase.
  2. Select the Sanitize all information on nonvolatile memory check box, and then touch ERASE.
  3. Follow the instructions on the display.

How do I reset my Lexmark printer to factory settings?

9.20. 5. How to reset to factory settings on Lexmark printers

  1. Open the printer’s web page and Sign in as Administrator.
  2. On the menu select Settings.
  3. Select Device.
  4. Select Restore Factory Defaults.
  5. Select Restore all settings.
  6. Select Start.
  7. Select Start.
  8. Set date and time.

How do I reset Lexmark?

Follow the steps below : Press and Release Cancel button- In this step the cancel button is pressed and held for 5 seconds and then released. Printer reset- The above step automatically leads to resetting of the printer. Blinking of lights- In this step the lights would blink.

How do I reset my Lexmark toner chip?

How to Reset a Toner Chip for a Lexmark

  1. Switch the printer off. Video of the Day.
  2. Press and hold down the “Ready” and “Return” buttons on the printer.
  3. Select “Maintenance Count.”
  4. Select the option “Reset” for returning the chip’s toner level to zero.
  5. Tip.

How do I fix my Lexmark printer problem?

Restart your printer. In some cases, a simple restart can fix the issue. Unplug the printer and check if there is any paper stuck in the machine, and if the toner is installed correctly. If all seems fine leave the printer disconnected for half a minute, then reconnect it and resume the print job.