How do I get into sorceress garden?

How do I get into sorceress garden?

You can get to the garden from the apprentice who works in the house near the Shantay Pass. Remember: Do not speak to the Sorceress’ apprentice before you speak to Osman, as you will be taken through a lengthy conversation that leads to two dead ends, and will therefore be a complete waste of time.

How do I get to the sorceress garden in RS3?

It can be started by talking to the apprentice, found in the house in south-eastern Al Kharid, just north-east of the Shantay Pass. She will teleport adventurers to the centre of the garden. After Swept Away, the central garden can be quickly accessed by using the broomstick after it has been enchanted.

Is sorceress garden good Osrs?

This is a safe activity. If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.

How do I get sq Irkjuice?

Sq’irkjuice is made from Sq’irk fruit, which are obtained in the Sorceress’s Garden minigame. The juice is made by using a pestle and mortar with the correct amount of Sq’irks from a Sq’irk tree (players need to have a beer glass in their inventory).

Where is Osman in Old School RuneScape?

Al Kharid
Osman is the head spy master of Al Kharid and can be found just outside the palace. He plays a significant role in the quests Prince Ali Rescue and Contact!. He also makes an appearance in the first cutscene in the Recipe for Disaster quest.

How do you get summer sq irk juice?

Summer sq’irkjuice is made from summer sq’irks, found in the Sorceress’s Garden minigame. Level 65 Thieving is required to enter the summer garden. To make the juice, pick 2 summer sq’irks and use them with a pestle and mortar, with a beer glass in your inventory.

How do I get Al Kharid flyer?

The Al Kharid flyer is an item that is given to players by Waseem the Leaflet Dropper north of Al Kharid. He is located at the northernmost part of the Al Kharid desert, just a short way from Rat Burgiss. It is supposedly a voucher to get money off the player’s next purchase – only it has expired.

How do you make summer sq Irkjuice?