How do I get a pesticide license in NY?

How do I get a pesticide license in NY?

For an individual to be eligible for commercial pesticide technician certification, the individual must:

  1. be at least 17 years of age at the time of application; and.
  2. have successfully completed a comprehensive 30-hour training course, approved by the department; or.

What are pesticide classes?

Among these are organophosphorus, urea, phenoxy alkanoic, triazine, chloroacetanilide or glyphosate-based pesticides. …

How many categories of commercial pesticide application are there?

There are 10 federal categories of certification.

What is a pesticide certification?

Who needs to be certified to apply pesticides? Federal law requires any person who applies or supervises the use of restricted use pesticides (RUPs) to be certified in accordance with EPA regulations and state, territorial and tribal laws. Pesticide applicators must know how to apply RUPs properly and effectively.

How do I become a termite inspector in NY?

We can help you become certified to do so. In New York, you must become a Certified Pesticide Technician by attending a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation approved 30 Hour Termite Course, and successfully pass required exams. In New Jersey, you must become a Certified Pesticide Applicator.

What is a Class 9 pesticide?

Class 9: Pesticide active ingredients banned for cosmetic use under the Pesticide Act but may be used under an exception.

What qualifications do you need to spray pesticides?

By law, everyone who sells pesticides for agricultural use must have a certificate of competence or be working under the direct supervision of someone with a certificate of competence.

What do I need to start a pesticide business in New York?

Pesticide Product Registration – The Environmental Conservation Law requires every pesticide product which is used, distributed, sold or offered for sale in New York State to be registered with the NYSDEC. Sponsor a Pesticide Course – Information and instructions related to Department approved pesticide training.

What is the New York State commercial pesticide applicators exam?

This course is approved by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and requires anyone supervising or applying pesticides to Ornamental and Turf to take the Commercial Pesticide Applicators Exam.

Where can I find pesticide management courses?

The Pesticide Management Education Program (PMEP) Distance Learning Center ( ) offers 37 fee-based Core and category courses applicable to many applicator certification categories. All of our online courses are approved for recertification credits in New York State.

How do I become a pesticide applicator in Florida?

three years experience in the sale of pesticides or industrial chemicals, or can otherwise demonstrate, through applicable training certificates or educational degrees, that the individual possesses appropriate technical background, as determined by the department, if seeking pesticide applicator certification in the Sales Category.