How do I get a copy of my form 5500?

How do I get a copy of my form 5500?

Scroll to the right to see what years a Form 5500 was filed. Click on the EIN to download a copy of the Form 5500 and attached audited financial statements.

What employers are required to file a form 5500?

Under ERISA, a Form 5500 is required on behalf of any welfare benefit plan that: Has 100 or more participants as of the beginning of the plan year. Is funded through a trust, regardless of participant count.

What is a form 5500 for health insurance?

Form 5500 is the annual return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan. Pension and welfare plans must generally file the Form 5500 to report their financial condition and operations. The Form 5500 must be filed electronically through the EFAST2 system. The form is due the last day of the seventh month of the plan year.

What is the 5500 short form?

Form 5500-SF, Short Form Annual Return/Report of Small Employee Benefit Plan. Known as the “short form,” this version is for retirement plans and health and welfare plans with fewer than 100 participants. Form 5500-EZ, Annual Return of A One-Participant.

Where do I get a 5500 form?

5500 filing requirements and credentials If you don’t already have DOL electronic signing credentials, you can obtain them at DOL credentials are the secured username and password that allow you to log in to the EFAST2 portal and electronically sign and submit your completed forms.

Where can I find a company’s 5500 form?

– To begin your search for a specified filing plan, first go to – On this site you can start your search associated with the sponsor name, plan name, filing ID, plan administrator, the Plan Number (PN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), and acknowledgment ID.

Who is exempt from filing a 5500?

A Solo 401(k) or “Business Owner Only” Plan Retirement plans covering only a business owner (and, potentially, a spouse) are usually exempt from filing Form 5500. However, if there are eligible employees improperly excluded from the plan, then the form must be filed.

What information is on form 5500?

The employer maintaining the plan or the plan administrator of a Pension or Welfare benefit plan covered by ERISA. File Form 5500 to report information on the qualification of the plan, its financial condition, investments and the operations of the plan.

What is a 5500 plan?

The IRS Form 5500 is an annual report, filed with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that contains information about a 401(k) plan’s financial condition, investments, and operation. In general, all retirement plans, such as profit-sharing and 401(k) plans, must file a Form 5500 for every year the plan holds assets.