How do I fix Resc10 error in GTA 4?

How do I fix Resc10 error in GTA 4?

To solve the Fatal Error Resc10, try running GTA 4 in compatibility mode for either Windows Vista or XP because originally, the game isn’t formatted to run on Windows 7 or 10. Right click on your GTA 4 or rgsc shortcut. Click properties, then click compatibility.

How do you fix infinite loading in GTA 4?

You surely should have no problem after this using this method: Go to the folder where you have installed GTA IV….Steps are:

  1. Run GTA 4.exe.
  2. Press ctrl+alt+del.
  3. Go to task manager.
  4. Click go to details.
  5. Right click gta4.exe.
  6. Choose set priority.
  7. Set priority to high.
  8. Right click again and select switch to.

Is GTA 4 a bad PC port?

Grand Theft Auto IV was a horribly optimised game, it required an incredibly high-end system to play, on top of that it was also riddled with bugs and plagued with frame rate issues that made the game entirely unplayable to many PC gamers.

How do I get GTA IV to work on Windows 10?

GTA IV requires the older version of Games for Windows Live client that is not present in Windows 10….You can do that by using ‘commandline’:

  1. Create a new . txt file where your GTAIV.exe resides.
  2. Name this file “commandline”. txt.
  3. Add the following in that file and run the game after saving changes to the file (of course)

How do you open GTA 4 after installing?

Double-click the game’s installer file and it should automatically open with and mount to the virtual DVD-ROM app. Open “My Computer” from your desktop. Inside you should see one of the virtual drives showing the GTA 4 installer. Run the virtual DVD-ROM.

How long does GTA 4 take to load?

Installation takes: ~40 minutes on 8-cores CPUs + SSD; ~1.5 hours on 4-cores CPU + HDD; ; up to 2.5 hours on 2-cores CPU + HDD. Installing on SSD is faster for ~0.5-1.5 hours.

When was GTA IV released?

April 28, 2008
Grand Theft Auto IV/Initial release dates

Does GTA4 work on PC?

Grand Theft Auto 4 is back on Steam and has been upgraded to the Complete Edition. If you just had the standalone DLC or base game, now you’ve got the lot. As Rockstar announced last month, Grand Theft Auto 4 has returned to Steam, absent online components thanks to the removal of Games for Windows Live.

Can GTA 4 run on Windows 10 64bit?

Rockstar Games offers a few recommendations for the system requirements. GTA 4 PC requires the use of processors, graphics cards, and memory storage. Here is the bare minimum that is required: OS: 64 Bit Service Packs with either Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 64 Bit, or Windows 10.