How do I find my NIE number in Barcelona?

How do I find my NIE number in Barcelona?

The best and easiest way to apply NIE number is from the Spanish embassy anywhere abroad. You fill in the application in their office and pay the fee around 11 euros. Then they will email you the NIE number certificate in about week. I found it to be the most easy way to get it.

Can I get my NIE number online?

Spanish bureaucracy can be complex and unfortunately, you can’t apply for an NIE number online. However, with a helping hand, applying for an NIE is simple.

How can I check my NIE number?

Check your file by SMS You must send a text message to the telephone number +34 638 44 41 44, using as the body of the message the word NIE followed by your identification number as a foreigner, again in capital letters and all together.

How do I get permanent Nie in Barcelona?

The permanent NIE card will only be awarded if you can provide proof of one of the following:

  1. You have employment in Spain.
  2. You have sufficient financial resources to look after yourself.
  3. You are enrolled as a student and have private health insurance or an EU health card.

Do I need Empadronamiento for NIE in Barcelona?

DEPENDS, if it is for the EU citizens directly in Barcelona office (rambla Guipuscoa 74), empadronamiento is not required to obtain a NIE. But be aware that this varies city to city and office to office (for example, in Hospitalet de Llobregat you will be asked for empadronamiento and photos).

How long does it take to get an NIE number in Spain?

You can only apply for a non resident N.I.E. through this Consulate. The N.I.E. is only a fiscal number to pay taxes for economic purposes. It takes at least 3 weeks to get your N.I.E. or certificate when applying through this Consulate General.

How much does it cost for a NIE number?

As a non-European Union citizen you must pay a NIE Spain number tax fee around 10.71 euro. On the application form it will identify that you must bring the tax amount to a bank with Form 790.

How do I get a copy of my NIE number in Spain?

You can get this from your local police station. You’ll need to bring proof of identity, such as a passport or driving licence and they’ll give you a form to fill out with details of the loss. A filled out copy of EX18 (which you can find online here) – this is the form you use to request a replacement NIE.

Is my Spanish NIE number valid?

The NIE certificate that you receive when you return to your local national police (“policia nacional”) station to pick it up is actually only valid for three months. However, the allocated NIE Spanish number is unique to you, and will be yours for life.

How long does my Spanish NIE last?