How do I find investors for patents?

How do I find investors for patents?

Finding Investors for Your Invention The first and most important step in finding investors for your potential patent is searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website to find out if your invention idea is original.

How do you get funding for a patent?

How to Get a Patent Grant. Government organizations and private entities are two places to look for grants, with the federal government being the best grant source. Private organizations tend to provide funds when they feel an invention could positively benefit society.

How do private investors get funding?

Types of private funding sources

  1. Crowdfunding. There are several crowdfunding websites that enable entrepreneurs to raise money for their idea.
  2. Alternative financing. Term loans and lines of credit aren’t the only private funding sources small business owners can access from lenders.

How do I sell my provisional patent?

A provisional patent can be sold. If an applicant wants to sell his provisional patent, he needs to execute a patent assignment, which is basically a document that’s drafted to transfer the ownership of the patent from the applicant to the party that purchased the provisional patent application.

Do investors like patents?

Investors know that the patent process takes time. Most investors want to know that you have a viable, well-executed portfolio, without any of the major issues. You should have patent applications on file and issued patents, but a long list of issued patents isn’t a prerequisite for early stage funding rounds.

Do investors care about patents?

Investors look for patent protection. Patent protection helps investors preserve their investment by establishing and maintaining barriers to competition that can enhance the value of your technology in the market.

Can I get a loan for a patent?

A security agreement indicates that a patent owner has used its patents as collateral for a loan. If the loan goes into default, however, the ownership of the patent is transferred to the lender. A formal patent valuation is important for determining how much of a loan a patent portfolio can support.

What is C level funding?

In Series C rounds, investors inject capital into the meat of successful businesses, in an effort to receive more than double that amount back. Series C funding is focused on scaling the company, growing as quickly and as successfully as possible. One possible way to scale a company could be to acquire another company.

What is Series D funding?

Series D Funding Your business is generating enough revenue to sustain its own growth without additional outside funding. You’ve had an exit (or plan to soon) You weren’t able to hit your goals from the Series C round so you need more capital.

Can you make money on a provisional patent?

The quick answer is yes, it is possible. But it rarely happens. Selling a provisional patent application is the same as selling just an idea without proven market demand. It would need to be an extremely innovative idea to convince buyers to take a chance and invest before it is patented.

How do I get funding for a patent application?

Go to your local chamber of commerce, or local college or university, for a list of these incubator sources of public funding. Present your product for patent to venture capital investment groups for consideration in their next round of funding. Venture capitalists understand all phases of developing and bringing a new idea to market.

How do I find investors for my startup without a patent?

So the only way to look for investments for your startup without putting at risk the patentability of the idea is to present your pitch to investors only after the patent is filed. What we do is we cover all the costs related to the patent application and provide the expertise for a small amount of equity.

How do investors buy patents and shares?

Investors purchase patents or buy shares in them by supporting independent inventors. The value of an investment depends on the inventor’s rights to the patent and its marketplace applications.

How do patpatent investors work?

Patent investors provide funding for inventors so that they can turn their idea into a reality. Finding an investor, however, requires having an original idea and the ability to pitch this idea successfully.