How do I contact Zendesk customer support?

How do I contact Zendesk customer support?

  1. 888-670-4887.
  2. Sign in.

Where is Zendesk support located?

San Francisco, California
Zendesk is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides software-as-a-service products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications. The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007.

What is Zendesk support?

Zendesk Support is Zendesk’s support ticketing system, designed to help you track, prioritize, and solve customer support interactions. More than just a help desk, Zendesk Support helps you nurture your customer relationships with personalized, responsive support across any channel.

Does Zendesk support live chat?

Visit Zendesk Chat for all the latest on live chat support] Customers have queried us about chat features in Zendesk for providing “live support” services. It’s not an area we’re heading into, but we are going to demonstrate how such functionality can be integrated pretty easily using Zendesk widgets.

How do I contact ZD support?

Contact Us

  1. Customer Service. Reorders and general inquiries. 1-844-832-1810 (Option 1)
  2. Insurance Support. Insurance questions and new CGM inquiries. 1-844-832-1810 (Option 2)
  3. Technical Support. 1-844-832-1810 (Option 3) Dexcom CGM product troubleshooting and CLARITY software support.
  4. Dexcom CARE. 1-844-832-1810 (Option 4)

How do I chat with support in Zendesk?

The Zendesk Chat app is available through the Zendesk Marketplace. Go to the Zendesk Chat app page in the Zendesk Marketplace. Click the Install button at the top of the page. Enter your account information and click the Sign in button.

Is Zendesk com legit?

“Zendesk is one of the most popular help desk software that has been used by thousands of big companies around the world. It offers reliable service with complete features designed to help your company build better relationships with your customers.” — Jay. Read more reviews on Pandia.

How do I access admin in Zendesk?

To open Admin Center

  1. Open any Zendesk product.
  2. Click the Zendesk Products icon ( ) in the top bar, then select Admin Center. The Admin Center home page appears. Use this page as a starting point for managing your Admin Center tasks.

Does zendesk have a customer portal?

Zendesk’s online customer requests portal helps customers keep track of activities that matter the most. Customers can check the status of their support requests, review updates to their knowledge base and community contributions, and track content they’re following—all from a single location.

Does zendesk have a phone number?

Zendesk offers phone numbers for more than 40 countries, including toll-free, local and national numbers.

Does Zendesk offer self hosting options?

Does Zendesk offer self-hosting options, or support an option to host the software on a different platform? No, to ensure the security and integrity of our platform, Zendesk only provides products directly through our servers. There are no plans to change this policy within the foreseeable future.

Does Zendesk offer an embeddable contact form?

With Zendesk Embeddables, it is simple to create different forms, with different fields, for different products. Your contact form can have fields that request information ranging from a subject, status, or description, to including which group the form is sent to or even the type of priority needs to be attached.

How many users does Zendesk have?

By the recent survey, the number of Zendesk customers is now over 100,000. The Zendesk customer base is growing day by day due to various improvements and developments taking place.

What does Zendesk do?

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service platform for enterprises. It provides a cloud-based customer support platform which allows quicker and easier interaction between businesses and customers.