How do I contact the British Embassy?

How do I contact the British Embassy?

You can contact the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office at any time by calling +44 (0)20 7008 1500. If your enquiry concerns an application for a British passport, you should call +44 (0)300 222 0000 on Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm and at weekends and public holidays from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

How do I renew my British passport from Turkey?

You can renew your Irish or UK passport online from Turkey. First Time Applicants must apply using a paper application form through their local Irish Embassy or Consulate General. and follow their online instructions. It is taking longer than usual to process applications because of coronavirus.

How do I apply for a UK visa from Turkey?

Your Visa Application Process

  1. Complete your application form. Prepare your supporting documents. Make an appointment.
  2. Submit your application and provide your biometric data at the Visa Application Centre.
  3. Return to the Visa Application Centre. to collect your passport or get our Express Courier Return service.

What is the British Embassy called?

high commissions
British embassies in Commonwealth countries are known as high commissions, and the ambassador known as the high commissioner.

Which countries have British embassies?


  • Antigua and Barbuda. St. John’s (High Commission)
  • Argentina. Buenos Aires (Embassy)
  • Bahamas. Nassau (High Commission)
  • Barbados. Bridgetown (High Commission)
  • Belize. Belmopan (High Commission)
  • Bolivia. La Paz (Embassy)
  • Brazil. Brasília (Embassy) Belo Horizonte (Consulate-General)
  • Canada. Ottawa (High Commission)

How can I move to UK from Turkey?

The Ankara agreement was signed in 1963 between Turkey and the EEA. The Ankara agreement empowers Turkish nationals to open up business in any EEA country. A Turkish passport holder can relocate to the UK with a business visa and get a British residence permit and citizenship in five and six years, respectively.

What can the British Consulate help with?

A British consulate will:

  • register births and deaths;
  • handle child abduction cases;
  • issue passports, including in an emergency;
  • deal with forced marriages;
  • help Britons who are detained or imprisoned;
  • help Britons who have fallen ill;
  • help Britons who are the victims of crime;

How long does it take to get a UK visa from Turkey?

The UK visa processing time from Turkey for all the short and long-term visitor visa application is usually within 10-15 working days i.e. 2 to 3 weeks. However, the UK priority visa processing time from Turkey is normally within 5-7 working days.

Can someone from Turkey work in the UK?

Turkish Worker Visa Entitlements Applicants who are granted a Turkish Worker Visa are allowed to live and work in the UK up to an initial term of up to 4 years. There is no processing fee for this visa and applicants must apply from within the UK before their current permission to stay expires.

How to contact the British Embassy in Ankara Turkey?

British Embassy in Ankara Turkey 1 Email [email protected] 2 Consular Email (marriage, birth/death, passports) [email protected] 3 Telephone +90 312 455 33 44 4 Fax +90 312 455 33 52 5 Opening Hours: Monday and Friday between 9am and 12:30pm

How do I contact the British Embassy in the UK?

The contact details for the British Embassy and Consulates are listed below including their telephone numbers, maps and email addresses. . . Consular Email (marriage, birth/death, passports) [email protected]

Which country has an embassy in Turkey?

List of Embassies in Turkey 1 United States Embassy in Turkey. 2 British Embassy in Turkey. 3 Australian Embassy in Turkey. 4 Belgian Embassy in Turkey. 5 Canadian Embassy in Turkey. 6 Swedish Embassy in Turkey. 7 Malaysian Embassy in Turkey. Address: Zia Ur Rahman Caddesi 9-11 06700/G.O.P. More

How do I contact a UK citizen in Turkey?

You can access UK government services while in Turkey. If you’re in Turkey and you need urgent help (for example, you’ve been attacked, arrested or someone has died), call +90 212 334 64 00. If you’re in the UK and worried about a British national in Turkey, call 020 7008 1500.