How do I connect PostgreSQL database to SonarQube?

How do I connect PostgreSQL database to SonarQube?


  1. In PostgreSQL database. 1.1 Create user.
  2. Edit /conf/ sonar.jdbc.username=
  3. Open port.
  4. Run SonarQube with //bin/
  5. Login as admin and generate token.
  6. You can use it with maven:

How do I find my SonarQube server URL?

Copy the DNS name from the created Virtual Machine in Azure Portal as shown and append :9000 at the end. The final SonarQube URL will be http://YOUR_DNS_NAME:9000 . If the URL is correct, then the problem should be caused by the connectivity, please make sure the agent can access the SonarQube Server.

How do I access SonarQube database?

To use integrated security:

  1. Download the Microsoft SQL JDBC Driver 9.2. 0 package and copy mssql-jdbc_auth-9.2.
  2. If you’re running SonarQube as a Windows service, make sure the Windows account under which the service is running has permission to connect your SQL server.
  3. Ensure that sonar.

How do I start my sonar server?

First steps

  1. Run SonarQube server.
  2. Run docker ps and check if a server is up and running.
  3. Wait for the server to start and log in to SonarQube server on http://localhost:9000 using default credentials: login: admin password: admin.
  4. Go to: http://localhost:9000/account/security/ and generate a token.

Does SonarQube use Elasticsearch?

SonarQube must be installed on hard drives that have excellent read & write performance. Most importantly, the “data” folder houses the Elasticsearch indices on which a huge amount of I/O will be done when the server is up and running. SonarQube does, however, support 32-bit systems on the scanner side.

How do I run SonarQube from command line?

To run SonarScanner from the zip file, follow these steps:

  1. Expand the downloaded file into the directory of your choice.
  2. Add the $install_directory/bin directory to your path.
  3. Verify your installation by opening a new shell and executing the command sonar-scanner -h ( sonar-scanner.bat -h on Windows).

How do I set up SonarQube project?

Analyzing a Project

  1. Click the Create new project button.
  2. Give your project a Project key and a Display name and click the Set Up button.
  3. Under Provide a token, select Generate a token.
  4. Select your project’s main language under Run analysis on your project, and follow the instructions to analyze your project.

How do I run SonarQube on Windows 10?

Run SonarQube without installation

  1. Navigate to the earlier download location of SonarQube.
  2. Unzip the file and copy the binaries to the folder C:\SonarQube\
  3. Open the SonarQube properties file sonar.
  4. In the sonar.
  5. Update the section by adding the connection string of the database.

How do I run SonarQube in Intellij?

In your IDE go to File -> Settings -> Other Settings -> SonarQube . Click Add, enter the address of your Sonar server and the credentials (if needed) and click OK (if you use as Sonar server then you need to enter value for Organization).

How do I run a local sonar scan?

How do I start the sonar server in Linux?

Steps to setup Sonarscanner in your Linux System

  1. sudo nano /opt/sonarscanner/sonar-scanner-
  2. #—– Default SonarQube server.
  4. sonar.login=

What is SonarLint?

SonarLint is a free IDE extension that lets you fix coding issues before they exist! Like a spell checker, SonarLint highlights Bugs and Security Vulnerabilities as you write code, with clear remediation guidance so you can fix them before the code is even committed.

How to configure SonarQube to use Postgres with JDBC?

Go to SonarQube Community edition unzipped folder, open the config file in the following path “ ..\\conf\\ ” Uncomment and add the username and password created above in the config file. Add JDBC Postgres URL as shown in the screenshot below. After configuration, now SonarQube will use PostgresSQL to save reports or logs locally.

What is the JDBC URL for sonar?

SONAR_JDBC_URL=jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;databaseName=sonar;integratedSecurity=true A database named sonar must exist and its collation must be case-sensitive (CS) and accent-sensitive (AS). Use this connection string if you want to use integrated security with Microsoft Sql Server.

What are the requirements to create a sonar database?

A database named sonar must exist and its collation must be case-sensitive (CS) and accent-sensitive (AS). Use this connection string if you want to use integrated security with Microsoft Sql Server.

How do I run an embedded H2 database in SonarQube?

Start the SonarQube container with the embedded H2 database: b. Exit once SonarQube has started properly. c. Copy the Oracle JDBC driver into sonarqube_extensions/jdbc-driver/oracle. Run the image with your database properties defined using the -e environment variable flag: