How do I connect my yealink headset to my phone?

How do I connect my yealink headset to my phone?

Many newer Yealink telephones have a headset port and button for easy headset use. You simply plug your H-series headset into the U10P-S cable, and into your Yealink telephones headset port. To answer or end a call, you simply press the headset button.

How do I setup my USB headset?

To install a USB headset:

  1. Plug the headset into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Set the headset as the default device.
  3. Test the headset. As an option, you can perform a sound recording on a Windows PC.

How can I use USB headset in Mobile?

Here’s what you need to do: Identify what type of port your Android device has, whether it be USB-C or Micro-USB. Purchase the corresponding OTG cable that allows you to connect a USB headset to your device. Once you have the cable, simply plug your USB headset into the OTG cable on the USB end.

How do I connect my Plantronics headset to my Yealink phone?

How to configure Yealink EHS36 with Plantronics Wireless Headsets

  1. 1) Connect the RJ12 Cord to the Yealink EHS36 Adapter.
  2. 2) Connect the 3.5mm DC Jack to the other side of the Yealink EHS36 Adapter.
  3. 3) Connect the Plantronics Base to the AC Adapter.

How to manage multiple Yealink USB devices?

Yealink USB Connect is available for the management of multiple Yealink USB devices, including headsets, speakerphones, and webcams. All the settings can be done through Yealink USB Connect, for example, the setting of the basic and premium function of WH66, which is convenient and efficient for daily use.

Is there a one-click reset option in Yealink?

Also, one-click to reset or restart is available if you need it. Yealink USB Connect is easy to operate during daily management. One-click to set up and upgrade ensures all hardware up to date and enables you to enjoy the latest features all the time. Also, one-click to reset or restart is available if you need it.

What support does Yealink offer?

(1) For the first year from the End of Life date, Yealink will offer full support, including HW/SW Technical Support, Apply Existing SW Bug Fixes, New Non-Critical SW Bug Fixes, New Critical SW Bug Fixes and New Security Fixes.

Why choose Yealink uh36?

Yealink Dynamic EQ and Wideband HD Audio Technology make every conversation rich and clear. The passive noise cancellation and the noise-canceling microphone eliminate background noise, enhance the audio privacy. All day wearing comfort The ergonomic and lightweight design makes UH36 comfortable enough for long conference calls and all day use.