How do I connect my Rigol oscilloscope to my computer?

How do I connect my Rigol oscilloscope to my computer?

Install the Rigol Ultrascope Software. Connect oscilloscope to computer via USB 4. Run the Ultrascope software 5. Under the Tools menu, select “Connect to oscilloscope” a. You will see a list of devices recognized by the NI-VISA, and you need to select one of them which is the oscilloscope.

What is ultra Sigma?

Ultra Sigma is the base for all other Rigol Software tools and also recommended if you would like to do your own programming. It installs all the necessary files to be able to recognize the instruments when connected to the computer.

What is Rigol ultra station?

Ultra Station is the latest generation PC based waveform editing software from RIGOL, it replaces Ultra Signal Station with new features and enhanced performance. Ultra Station ‘s advanced version features filter and windowing functions, enable users to further customize the waveforms upon different applications.

Is there a user’s guide for the Rigol ds1000d series?

© 2008 RIGOLTechnologies, Inc. III User’s Guide for DS1000E, DS1000D Series Provide Proper Ventilation. Refer to the installation instructions for proper ventilation of the instrument.

What are the different series of Rigol oscilloscopes?

The 1000 Series from RIGOL include the B, D, and E series oscilloscopes. The E Series are the value leader with 50-100 MHz models that include 2 channels and 1 Million points of memory. The D Series add low speed digital capture enabling basic mixed signal analysis in a economic package.

What is a ds1000d digital oscilloscope?

RIGOLDS1000E, DS1000D Series Digital Oscilloscopes provide exceptional waveform viewing and measurements in a compact, lightweight package.

Are Rigol products protected by patent law?

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