How do I become an air brake instructor in Alberta?

How do I become an air brake instructor in Alberta?

Alberta Air Brake Program: Hold a valid Alberta Class 1 operator’s licence, or a Class 2, 3, 4 or 5 non-GDL licence with an air brake “Q” endorsement. 2. Be an employee of a Certified Employee Driver Training Agency approved by Alberta Transportation to deliver the Alberta Air Brake Program.

How do I become a melt instructor?

MELT Class 2-S instructors Applicants must have held a valid Alberta driver’s licence in the same licence class, or an equivalent driver’s licence issued by another jurisdiction in the same licence class, for at least 3 years. Applicants must also have a current S endorsement instructor’s licence.

Can you get your air brakes with a GDL?

Can I take the Air Brake Endorsement with a GDL? Is the Air Brake Endorsement the same as RV Air Brakes? Yes, Air Brake is the same for all vehicles.

How do I become an air brake instructor in BC?

Become an air brake instructor

  1. be at least 19 years of age.
  2. have at least two years’ experience operating air brake equipped vehicles.
  3. have successfully completed an air brake instructor certification course.

How do I become an AZ teacher in Ontario?

To obtain a driving instructors licence in Ontario, you must successfully complete a Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO)-approved training course. Our course includes First Aid/CPR training, Defensive Driving course and the Highway Traffic Act course.

Can you operate a vehicle with air brakes?

Question 4: May a driver with an air brake restriction on his or her CDL operate a CMV equipped with a hydraulic braking system that has an air-assisted parking brake release? Guidance: Yes. The air brake restriction applies only to the principal braking system used to stop the vehicle.

How long does it take to get a Class 1 licence in Alberta?

57 hours
The standardized practical training session is: Class 1: 57 hours. Experience and Equivalency Class 1: 22.50 hours. Class 2: 21.25 hours.

How do I get my Alberta driving instructor license?

How to apply

  1. Determine eligibility. There are different requirements for each type of driving instructor.
  2. Submit application package.
  3. Receive an email.
  4. Pass driving instructor knowledge test.
  5. Pass driving instructor practical test.
  6. Pay the licence fee.
  7. Receive email.

How much do driving instructors make in Alberta?


Average Wage $19.05 / hr
Average Salary $28,271.00 / yr
Hours Per Week 30.8 hrs

How much does it cost to get a Class 1 license in Alberta?

According to the province, the average cost of Class 1 MELT training is $8,900, with the province capping that at $10,000. “We have a program to help subsidize that training, that will pay up to 90 per cent of it,” Transportation Minister Ric McIver said on Friday.

What is class 4 license Alberta?

Class 4 Licence This licence permits operators to drive: An ambulance, bus or taxi where the seating capacity is not over 24, excluding the operator. All motor vehicles that are included under Class 5. For learning purposes only all motor vehicles included under class 1, 2,3 and 6 may be operated.

What is Alberta’s air brake program?

The Alberta Air Brake Program provides drivers with information on how to operate vehicles equipped with air brakes. It must be completed and the air brake “Q” endorsement added to an Alberta Operator’s Licence before operating vehicles equipped with air brakes.

What will I learn in the air brake course?

Among other elements, students will learn to review all aspects of air brakes, perform proper maintenance procedures to keep the system at peak efficiency, develop lesson plans from objectives, present two practice-teaching sessions, and perform a pre-trip inspection. Still deciding what to study?

How do you get a Class 1 licence for air brakes?

To get a Class 1 driver’s licence, you must first complete the air brake endorsement. Air brakes work by initiating air pressure at an engine-driven compressor and transmitting the pressure through hoses, reservoirs and control valves to the vehicle’s foundation brakes.

How do I take my air brake knowledge test in Alberta?

Pass knowledge test Bring the Notice of Air Brake Program Completion forms to any Alberta registry agent to take the driver knowledge test. A government fee and a service charge will apply. The knowledge test is conducted electronically and is available in English only.