How do desiccant dryers work?

How do desiccant dryers work?

In summary, in a desiccant dryer, adsorbing the water vapor onto the large, dry surface area of a highly porous material called desiccant dries the compressed air. This adsorption occurs as water vapor in the compressed air moves into the pores of the dry desiccant and is attracted to the surface of the pores.

What is a desiccant drying system?

A desiccant dryer or an adsorption dryer is a piece of industrial equipment that uses desiccant materials to eliminated water from the air channeled through it. A standard desiccant dryer system uses a two-tower set up to ensure a continuous air drying cycle.

How often should you replace desiccant?

We recommend that a desiccant be replaced once every three years for open-cycle systems and once every two years for closed-cycle systems. A desiccant may degrade more quickly depending on the environment where it is used. Dew point temperatures offer a good indication for when to replace your desiccant.

How do you measure a desiccant dryer?

To size the desiccant air dryer to match this compressor, we need to calculate 65% of the total CFM, in this case, 20. The max output is no more than 13 CFM or 65% of the total CFM of 20. The desiccant air dryer only needs to work at 13 CFM to fit the compressor and match the total dry air needed.

How do I reactivate my desiccant pack?

Per writers from Bountiful Gardens, simply placing desiccants in the sun will recharge them, so long as the local humidity is below 40 percent.

What are dual tower regenerative desiccant air dryers?

As the name implies, these dryers are manufactured with two towers filled with desiccant. The commonly used desiccant to fill the dryers is activated alumina. One tower is engineered to dry compressed air, while the other desiccant tower is being regenerated. The control systems are engineered to deliver uncompromising performance and reliability.

What is a compressor dryer?

The Compressor Dryer is part of the air suspension system. Its main function is to remove the moisture from the air in the suspension system. The dryer is basically a container that is filled with desiccant crystals or powder that absorbs the moisture in the air.

What is a desiccant breather?

A desiccant breather, then, removes humidity out of the air as it is passed through the filter. The intent is that you want to dry the air before it enters the reservoir. They’re built with mechanical filters so that particles in the air are removed as well.