How did McGregor knockout Poirier?

How did McGregor knockout Poirier?

Yet the roles were reversed completely in January when Poirier unloaded heavy artillery onto the Irishman and knocked him out for the first time in his MMA career. In the dressing room after the fight, McGregor could be seen close to tears as well as he attended to the calf which Poirier had decimated with leg kicks.

Who won McGregor vs Poirier 1?

Poirier 1 result: McGregor wins in Round 1 via TKO. McGregor, by this stage gaining plenty of momentum as a future star, was more fluid and alert from the very beginning of this three-round featherweight contest.

Did Poirier knock McGregor’s tooth out?

Although he made quick work of the American in their previous bout, the 32-year-old knows the damage his rival can inflict. Just seconds before he delivered his left hook which ended the fight, ‘The Diamond’ had landed one of his own – and it broke McGregor’s tooth in half.

How long did it take McGregor to knock out Poirier?

LAS VEGAS — Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor combined for five minutes of fury to open their pay-per-view trilogy fight on Saturday headlining UFC 264. That was until a left ankle injury to McGregor in the closing seconds of Round 1 brought an abrupt end to the fight.

How many times did McGregor fight Poirier?

McGregor’s animosity toward Poirier hasn’t cooled, but this three-fight rivalry ended — for now, at least — with another victory for his more mild-mannered enemy. Poirier beat McGregor for the second time in six months when McGregor was unable to continue after the first round at UFC 264 on Saturday night.

Who won Poirier McGregor 1 and 2?

McGregor vs Poirer 2 Poirier knocks out McGregor in the pair’s second meeting. “Yeah I’m happy man, but I’m not surprised, I put in the work,” said Poirier after his victory, which came as a surprise to almost everyone else in the arena. “We’re one and one; maybe we’ll have to do it again,” he added.

Who won Poirier McGregor Fight 2?

Dustin Poirier
Dustin Poirier wins trilogy rematch by TKO after Conor McGregor injures leg in Round 1; Dana White anticipates a 4th fight. LAS VEGAS — Dustin Poirier now owns two victories over the biggest star in the history of mixed martial arts.

What did Dustin hand Connor?

Dustin Poirier gifted Conor McGregor a bottle of his hot sauce as the rivals weighed in for their rematch. Having officially made weight on Friday morning, the lightweights then went through the motions of the ceremonial weigh-in in front of several hundred fans.

Does Conor McGregor have missing teeth?

CONOR MCGREGOR has shown off his pearly whites on social media, after seemingly having some work done. The Notorious famously had his teeth broken during his first fight with Dustin Poirier back in 2014.