How deep should a raised decking post be?

How deep should a raised decking post be?

In the corners of the marked area, dig out 700mm deep holes for each of the joist support posts. Ideally the holes need to be about 300mm in diameter at the top and 400mm at the bottom.

How long does raised decking last?

Composite decking can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. Whereas traditional wooden decking, at most, will last for 15 years.

How high can you build a raised deck?

Putting up decking, or other raised platforms, in your garden is permitted development, not needing an application for planning permission, providing: The decking is no more than 30cm above the ground.

Why deck posts should not be set in concrete?

A deck post should always be placed on top of footing, not inside concrete because it can break. Concrete tends to absorb moisture and wood expands when it gets wet, so these two factors combined will result in the wood breaking the concrete.

Can you put a shed on raised decking?

Yes, you can put a shed on a deck. Decks are often spaces for outdoor leisure activities and a shed could complete this by providing convenient storage. Aside from that, sheds are so simple to construct and yet provide a lot of benefits, even more, if placed on a deck.

Does all decking rot?

Nonetheless, a wood deck, by its very nature, will always be susceptible to moisture and rot. You will still need to perform ongoing maintenance to keep your deck clean and dry, and to protect its longevity. Simply because composite decking does not rot.

Can 2×4 be used as deck joist?

The short answer is yes. 2x4s can work for deck joists. 2x4s are the smallest dimensional option, making them great for low, ground-level decking if they’re spaced no further than 12” on center. “On center” is the term to measure from one joist to the next, starting from one center to the center of another.

What size timber should be used for decking?

The frame The key to constructing a good decking area is the frame. If the decking is being built on a low level it should be built of C16 graded treated joists 45 mm by 95mm (4×2 approx.). However if you are building a raised deck you should use 45mm x 145mm joists.

Can fence posts be used for decking?

Here at Challenge Fencing, we can provide timber posts in wide range of sizes and designs. All of our posts are suitable for use as decking as they are all HC4 compliant. Thanks to the range of thickness decking that we can provide, you can create complete decks which are suitable for a range of environments.

How long have we been supplying wooden decks in Ireland?

For over 20 years we have been supplying & fitting quality wooden deck areas in ireland. Let us design and erect your deck, supply the timber and offer our knowledge to help you with your project.

What are your composite decking boards made of?

Our new BPC composite decking boards are made of 60% bamboo, 30% recycled plastic and 10% additives (UV Blocker, colour pigments). Our new WPC composite decking boards are made of 50-60% wood fibre (sawdust), 35-45% polymer and 5% various pigments.

Why Harmony series composite decking?

Low maintenance, durable alternative to traditional timber decking requiring no life extending treatments, such as oiling and painting. Harmony Series premium capped composite decking features complete 360 degree protection from the elements.This eco-friendly decking performs beautifully in both commercial and residential outdoor settings.

Why choose abwood homes timber decking?

Abwood Homes Timber Decking is made from the highest quality scandinavian pine timber. Our timber is pressure treated to ensure that extra longevity from your deck.