How can I watch DStv for free without paying?

How can I watch DStv for free without paying?

How does DStv Now app work?

  1. From your browser, on a mobile, tablet, or PC, visit now. DStv. com/tv or get the app from your iOS or Android device.
  2. Create a Connect ID that you will use to login into your online account.
  3. Once logged in, use the search option to find a program, series, or movie that you intend to watch.

How do I get all the channels on strong decoder?

How to scan Strong decoder channels

  1. Step 1- Press Menu on your remote.
  2. Step 2- Then go to dish installation.
  3. Step 3- Go to dish settings.
  4. Step 4- Set the parameters as they are required just below for your decoder.
  5. Step 5- The next thing is to scan the channels.
  6. Step 6- Select manual scan.

How can I watch free channels on my DStv decoder?

TO VIEW public channels, press the “TV button” on your remote control. The “Bouquet Options” menu will appear. Select “Public PAS7/10” Pressing any of the arrow buttons on your remote, will open the screen with all the available Free to Air channels.

Is strong decoder free?

Best FTA Decoders and Satellite Dishes in Nigeria. Without doubt, Strong and Unique sat decoder are the most patronized free to air decoders in Nigeria.

How do I watch Showmax on DStv?

For DStv subscribers on other packages

  1. Visit the DStv self-service website.
  2. Sign in with your Connect ID.
  3. Select My Products.
  4. Choose a DStv package.
  5. Click Link Showmax on the Showmax banner.
  6. Accept the quotation.
  7. Click Add Showmax to proceed.

How do I set up free to air on Dish?

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  1. Select a network.
  2. Make sure you can receive your satellite’s signal.
  3. Install the receiver dish.
  4. Point the dish toward your satellite.
  5. Install the tuner and adjust the axes.
  6. Connect the dish to the receiver.
  7. Connect the receiver to your TV.
  8. Search for channels.

How do I activate my free to air decoder?

How to Activate & Register FREE TV Decoder. To activate/register your Free TV decoder, Kindly follow the instruction below; Send BoxID FirstName LastName PhoneNo LGA State to 09087845997.

How can I get free channels?

1. Get an HDTV antenna

  1. Directional and omni-directional (types of antennas) There are two types of antennas: Directional and Omni-directional.
  2. Indoor vs. outdoor antennas (where to put your antenna)
  3. Use
  4. Visit the network websites.
  5. Use Classic Television Online.
  6. Purchase a Roku device.
  7. Watch YouTube videos.

How much does free-to-air cost?

How much does Saorview Connect cost? Saorview Connect is free to use, however the set top box needed to access it usually costs between €150 and €200. If you need to buy an aerial it’ll set you back around €20 or €30 at most while a satellite dish will cost you around €100.

How do I set my free-to-air decoder?

Free-to-air TV: How do I install a digital decoder?

  1. Remove the aerial cable from the back of the TV set and connect it to the socket marked ANT IN on the digital decoder.
  2. Connect one end of the video lead to the socket marked TV on the decoder and the other end to the TV.

Do I need a decoder for DStv Now?

No, if you are using the DStv Now streaming service, you do not need to have an active subscription. In fact, even without a DStv decoder, you can access the free service using an internet-enabled device. On what DStv decoder can I get free channels? For now, the free channels are only limited to DStv Now.

How do I get free channels on my DStv?

Before we get started, here are the items you need to get free channels on your DStv: A DStv HD decoder with MPEG-4 capabilities, installed on is20 satellite. You will need a decoder with MPEG-4 capabilities for free to air channels.

Why can’t I get audio on DStv?

After setting up free channels on DStv, you may find that some channels are muted. Most of these channels will appear 2 to 3 times on the channels list. One will have audio and the other will be muted. Find the one that comes with audio and select it. The other obvious reason you may not get audio is using the MPEG-2 decoder.

Do I need a DStv subscription to watch TV in South Africa?

You can, however, enjoy a handful of free channels in South Africa without an active DStv subscription: DStv EasyView offers over 30 TV channels, including 1 KZN and Soweto TV, as well as over 95 audio channels.