How can I view the courses that will articulate to UCR?

How can I view the courses that will articulate to UCR?

You can view how the courses will articulate to UCR by searching as a UC Riverside student. In the result table, the Course Approvals column provides you with guidance, or you can select the title of the course for more information. To see the Schedule of Classes and General Catalogs from past years, please use our Archives.

What are the activities of Glencore?

Key statistics Glencore operates significant industrial and marketing activities across the various business segments Marketing activities Industrial activities Operational Glencore Main activity Sourcing, distribution and marketing Controlled and non- controlled investments in producing and development assets

How do I register for classes at UCR?

Plan for alternatives and write down your top choices to make registration easy. Browse courses in the General Catalog, download it to your mobile device or print it out by section. A catalog course search is also available at or via the “Registration” icon in R’Web.

What is the Glencore Award for?

The award acknowledges Maryann’s advocacy for diversity and inclusivity, and her tremendous contribution to Glencore’s operations and the resource sector throughout her career. Maryann is a fantastic role model and we are immensely proud of her.

What is the UCR general catalog?

The University of California, Riverside General Catalog, 2021-2022 contains descriptions, degree requirements, and other important information regarding the many academic programs available at UC Riverside, as well as general information about the UCR campus and student life. Use this option to print your own version, or section, of the catalog!

What is considered a full-time student at UCR?

To be considered a full-time student at UCR, you must enroll in at least 12 units per quarter. However, undergraduate students must average 15 units per quarter in order to graduate in four years. MBA students are considered full-time at 16 units.