How can I login IRCTC user ID?

How can I login IRCTC user ID?

Login to your registered email account. Type IRCTC user ID in the search bar and hit enter. Look for the email/mobile verification mail received when you created your IRCTC account. You can get your IRCTC username from that email.

How can I get IRCTC ID and password?

How to Create IRCTC Login Id and Password: A Step-Wise Guide. Click on the ‘Register’ tab appearing on top of the website. On the registration page, fill the requisite details including your name, mobile number, email id, address and phone number. Click on the ‘Submit Registration Form’ option appearing on the screen.

How can I login in IRCTC new website?

visit the RailYatri website and log in. Search your preferred train for travel. Then Click on create a new IRCTC account….The required details for creating a new IRCTC account are:

  1. Username.
  2. Mobile number.
  3. Email ID.
  4. Security Question & Answer.
  5. Personal information.
  6. Complete address.

What is IRCTC ticket ID?

Manu. Answered on June 03,2018. Whenever you raise a complaint against IRCTC through email ([email protected]) , you will get a reply assigning an ID for your correspondence.It is the assigned Ticket ID and it is used to track the details of your complaint in the future.

How can I open a ticket in IRCTC?


  1. Step 1: Visit the official website of IRCTC,
  2. Step 2: Click on Register option displayed on top of the page.
  3. Step 3: You will be redirected to the IRCTC registration form.
  4. Step 4: Enter the username.
  5. Step 5: Choose the security question and its answer.

Why IRCTC login is not opening?

Solve the IRCTC Login issue Delete the old cookies that are collected in the browser. This will pave way for a faster and easier reach to the website. Corrupted cookies will make logging to the IRCTC website a difficult task. Check the security settings in your system and browser.

How can I change my mobile number in IRCTC without login?

# After logging in, click on the User Profile section and select the Update Profile option. # In the next screen, users can find the registered mobile number. # In this section, users can add the new mobile number.

How can I open a ticket in Irctc?

How can I create account in Irctc 2021?

IRCTC Sign up Create New Account Registration in 7 Steps 2021/22

  1. Step1: Go to the official website here.
  2. Step2: Enter username and password.
  3. Step3: Enter other personal details.
  4. Step4: Submit the IRCTC Registration form.
  5. Step5: Accept the IRCTC terms and conditions.
  6. Step6: You are Successfully registered in IRCTC now.

What is ticket ID number?

A ticket ID is a reference number consisting of a sequence of capitalized letters and numbers. If ticket ID A is mentioned in the note of ticket B, it’s also automatically mentioned in ticket A as well.

How can I verify my IRCTC account?

1- After logging in to the IRCTC portal, a new page or window will open for verification. 2- Enter the registered email and mobile number and then submit. 3- Keep in mind to leave the page with an edit option.

How do I know if a train is redirected in IRCTC?

Diverted Trains-If the trains are redirected, you will get caution or notice or else you can visit the IRCTC cutting edge entrance and tap on the rescheduled alternative you will get the entire list of rescheduled trains. It demonstrates the Train compose, source, and goal, redirected by and Diverted time.

What is IRCTC train schedule?

Train Schedule-IRCTC gives a choice to knowing the Train plan, you have to enter points of interest like Train number or Train date.

How to login to IRCTC app?

Enter your username and password along with captcha or OTP and then click on login button We all know about IRCTC which is a subset of Indian Railway which covers providing food, tickets booking and Tourism Corporation.

What is IRCTC next generation?

Presently they have accompanied another form or refresh called as IRCTC Next Generation. So what is IRCTC Next Generation? A site is said to be a decent site when the end client comprehend what it needs to pass on and can read and comprehend what is composed, dodging the languages