How can I listen to Jonathan Schwartz?

How can I listen to Jonathan Schwartz?

Click the player link below to listen on your computer. For a mobile app, go to either the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play (Android) and download the LIVE365 radio app. Want to listen to the station on your Amazon Echo? Here’s the phrase that pays: “Alexa, Play The Jonathan Station”.

Is Jonathan Schwartz still on the radio?

Jonathan Schwartz (born June 28, 1938) is an American radio personality, known for his devotion to traditional pop standards. From the 1960s on, he has been a presence on radio stations in the New York radio market, until he was fired in December 2017. He now hosts an Internet radio show on The Jonathan Station.

Where is Jonathan Schwartz?

Where is Jonathan Schwartz now?

Where does John Schwartz work?

Shortly after, Yankovic invited Schwartz to join his band, gave him the nickname “Bermuda” (“Bermuda Schwartz” being a play on the words “Bermuda shorts”) and they have worked together ever since….Jon Schwartz (drummer)

Jon Schwartz
Occupation Drummer, Web Designer, Author

Where does John Schwartz live?

Southern California
Personal life. Schwartz and his wife live in Southern California with their dog Nigel.

Who is John Schwartz?

John Schwartz is a science writer for the New York Times. His beat focuses on climate change. Before taking on this environmental beat, he covered topics that included the space program, law and infrastructure.

Which sentence would make an effective concluding statement for an evaluation of John Schwartz’s article?

Answer: The answer is: Overall, Schwartz’s claim that recycled water faces a public image challenge is well argued and supported with strong evidence. Explanation: When making an effective concluding statement, it is very important to wrap things up.

Is Jonathan Schwartz back on the radio?

Adrienne Knoll, über JS fan (listening since she was 14) and professional writer, posted this blog post regarding Jonathan and his new station – Jonathan Schwartz is Back (And So is Sanity on Sunday Afternoons)

How do I listen to the Jonathan station on Amazon Echo?

Want to listen to the station on your Amazon Echo? Here’s the phrase that pays: “Alexa, Play The Jonathan Station”. The first time you ask this, she will want to add the “Skill”. The easiest way is to get the free skill direct from Amazon.

What happened to Jonathan on the Jonathan station?

This is an archive of past live shows as heard on The Jonathan Station. Sunday Show 02-28-2021 – Today’s show is an aircheck of Jonathan’s “final” show on 102.7 WNEW-FM from May 1, 1976. After nine years on the station, he left to travel to Palm Springs and write books.

Where do you listen to Jonathan Antin?

Many heard him on 102.7 WNEW-FM or WNEW 1130 or later at WQEW. Perhaps you subscribed to Sirius/XM or pledged money to public radio to listen to the great music and the stories that only Jonathan can tell. Bottom line?