How can I get admission in Sciences Po?

How can I get admission in Sciences Po?

Applicants must create and submit an application via the Sciences Po admissions website, adhering to deadlines outlined in the admissions calendar. Candidates applying through this admissions pathway have the option of applying to two programmes offered at the Undergraduate College, including dual degree programmes.

Does Science Po require GRE?

One of the following documents may also be required depending on the programme: Professional reference. GRE. GMAT.

What GPA do you need for Sciences Po?

Students at Columbia are given both letter and numerical grades as follows: A+ = 4.33. A = 4.00. A- = 3.67….GPA and Grade Conversion.

Sciences Po Grade Columbia Grading Scale
9.6 – 9.9 D
0 – 9.5 F

Does Sciences Po have rolling admissions?

Admission decisions are announced on a rolling basis, so the earlier you submit your application, the sooner you will be notified of Sciences Po’s decision (except for dual degrees and the joint Master of Journalism and International Affairs, for which decisions are published 2 to 3 months after the deadline of the …

How do I apply to Sciences Po?

Then you can apply via the PhD admissions procedure. Please note that you may only apply to Sciences Po programmes once by academic year. You must therefore create a new application form each year. If you have found the admission procedure which corresponds to your situation, please create your application form.

How many times can I apply to a Sciences Po Master’s programme?

If you already applied in the past you must create a new application form. You may apply to a Sciences Po Master’s programme up to 3 times, starting from admission for the 2018 intake. A fourth application will be deemed non eligible.

How many letters of recommendation can I submit for Sciences Po?

Students can submit up to two (2) letters of recommendation for the Sciences Po supplemental application. If you plan to submit letters for your UC Berkeley application note that the recommendation letters submitted to the Dual Degree program are not forwarded to the UC Berkeley Admissions Office, they must be submitted separately.

Can I choose a dual degree programme with Sciences Po?

Each program is the subject of a separate admission decision. The Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs and Master Law and finance are considered Sciences Po Master’s degrees. Therefore, you can also choose a dual degree programme in addition to them.