How can I access my bond online?

How can I access my bond online?

Bond Online child profiles

  1. Click on My children.
  2. Click on Create a profile link.
  3. Enter details for your child/pupil.
  4. Click Create profile.
  5. Tell your child their username and password.
  6. Log out of your account.
  7. Your child can now click on login.
  8. They enter their username and password.

What is Bond online?

Suitable for children about to sit the 11+ test, an annual subscription to Bond Online allows your child to practise 11 Plus Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning questions online, anytime, anywhere! PLEASE NOTE: Bond Online content is most suitable for children aged 9-11.

How do I cancel my bond subscription?

11.2 To exercise your cancellation rights, you must notify Bond Online in writing of your intention to cancel the contract by using the form available here or by emailing Bond Online at [email protected].

Are Bond books for GL or CEM?

Predominantly the difference in verbal reasoning is the format of subjects. For example in CEM, cloze, shuffled sentences, antonyms came up in the 2018 exam. Where in the GL exam, the format was in line with the general Bond book (not Bond CEM specific).

Can you retake 11 plus?

Unfortunately, every pupil only gets one attempt at an 11+ exam. There are scenarios in which the pupil takes multiple 11+ exams, but they will never be the same. However, you will never be able to take the exact same exam twice to avoid any unfair advantages. …

What is Bonds investopedia?

A bond is a fixed-income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental). Bonds are used by companies, municipalities, states, and sovereign governments to finance projects and operations. Owners of bonds are debtholders, or creditors, of the issuer.

How are bonds created?

Bonds are formed when valence electrons, the electrons in the outermost electronic “shell” of an atom, interact. The electrons are still shared between the atoms, but the electrons are not equally attracted to both elements. As a result, the electrons tend to be found near one particular atom most of the time.

What is non verbal reasoning?

Non-verbal reasoning involves the ability to understand and analyse visual information and solve problems using visual reasoning. For example: identifying relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns, recognizing visual sequences and relationships between objects, and remembering these.

What does subscribing for shares mean?

A type of share that investors can convert into new ordinary shares in the company at some time in the future at a fixed price.

What is pass rate for 11 plus?

80 percent
What is the pass rate? The pass mark for the exam varies across exam boards, schools and from year-to-year. Typically, the pass mark for the 11 Plus is over 80 percent.