How big does syzygium grow?

How big does syzygium grow?

Syzygium ‘Cascade’– Grows 2-3m high and 1-2m wide with lovely weeping branches. New growth is bright pink and produces pink powder puff flowers in summer.

How high does Lilly Pilly grow?

Lilly Pilly (Acmena smithii syn. The height of this tree can reach up to 20 metres if grown in its natural environment, however, due to the various cultivars available, the overall heights can vary between 4 metres to 10 metres tall. When planting as a feature tree, the root systems can become quite invasive.

How tall does syzygium australe grow?

5metres tall
Grows naturally to 5metres tall and 3 metres wide, but can be pruned to the desired size and shape….Syzygium australe ‘Resilience’ – Lilly Pilly.

Family: Myrtaceae
Cultivar: Resilience
Common Name: Lilly Pilly
Plant Type: Large shrub
Height: 4 ~ 5 metres

How fast does Syzygium resilience grow?

Sydney Plant Market

Type Shrub
Suggested Planting 70cm to 1m apart
Height 4.0 to 5.0m
Spread 2.0m
Growth rate Medium

Is Syzygium Big Red psyllid resistant?

Common name: Small-leafed Lillypilly Plant name: Syzygium luehmannii, syn: Eugenia l. Description: Upright handsome tree, glossy green small leaves, beautiful pink and red young growth, white flowers in summer, large red pear-shaped edible fruit in autumn, hardy in various soils. No psyllids.

Do Lilly Pillys have deep roots?

Lillypilly roots can travel long distances, up to 6-7m, chasing water and if the water happens to be sitting in a leaky water- or sewerage-pipe, beware! Interestingly, if there are no leaking pipes, the trees acclimatise to dry conditions quite well.

How do you grow syzygium?

They can be grown in pots or planted out and will thrive in full sun or shade. They even tolerate drought once established, making them awesome for our Aussie climate. They grow in a wide range of soils, but the more sun, water and nutrient rich soil you provide your hedge, the faster it will grow.

How far apart do you plant Lilly Pilly hedge?

We recommend anywhere from 50cm to 1m apart with 75cm spacing between the plants being a good average.

What is Syzygium luehmannii?

Syzygium luehmannii is a medium-sized coastal rainforest tree native to Australia. Common names include riberry, small leaved lilly pilly, cherry satinash, cherry alder, or clove lilli pilli . The habitat is Australian riverine, littoral, subtropical or tropical rainforest.

Can you eat Syzygium luehmannii fruit?

Syzygium luehmannii – Riberry Lilly Pilly A medium sized ornamental rainforest tree with glossy green foliage that can be used for hedging, shade and for screening and wind breaks. It has large decorative pink to red fruit that can be eaten straight from the plant as well as made into jams and condiments, and is attractive to birds.

How big does Syzygium australe get?

Syzygium australe Elegance PBR Compact Lilly Pilly Native with non-invasive roots. Grows to 2 metres high x 1.5 metres wide. Can be shaped into any size or shape. Makes a great specimen plant or a spectacular hedge. Dark green foliage topped with bronze/red new growth.

What does a Syzygium plant look like?

Small white flowers, followed by fleshy red berries. Glossy green leaves are renowned for their beautiful pink/red when young. Bird Attracting, Coastal (Salt Tolerant Plants), Hedging, Shaping or Topiary, Low Lying Areas (Wet Area Plants), Water Wise PlantsPlant I.D. No. 18 Syzygium (Acmena) smithii Firescreen Lilly Pilly Firescreen