Have you done or are you done?

Have you done or are you done?

“Are you done” is used when asking a person if he or she has finished doing something. The thing that is being done is known. Are you done with washing the toilet? “Have you done” is asked when the thing being done is not known, and the person is inquiring as to what the thing is.

Has or had become?

Both are correct. Had become (auxiliary+become) is the past participle form. For example, “Someone had become ill.” Became is the past form. For example, “Someone became ill.” The former sentence suggests something already happened in the past, while the latter means a previous event.

Is it done meaning?

Time. ‘It is done’ refers to something completed recently. ‘It was done’ refers to something completed some time ago.

Have you finished yet meaning?

– I have already finished. – I haven’t finished yet. ALREADY / YET in questions. We can use both in questions, but the meaning is a bit different. YET simply asks if something has happened or we still have to wait.

Are we done now meaning?

It means have we finished with the work. It includes both the speaker and the spoken to, may be one or more people. Are we done here?

How do you use had?

The past perfect is used when two events happened in the past, with one past action having occurred even before the other past action. To form the past perfect, use had and the past participle of a verb in one part of the sentence.

Are we done yet movies?

Are We There Yet?2005

Have you seen the movie or have you watched the movie?

Both are grammatically correct and both are suitable formats for the question. There is NO difference in meaning between the two words in this particular context; ‘watched’ does NOT connote that you paid more attention to the movie than ‘seen’ does.

Has been done or is been done?

Generally, when people have completed a work job or task, they say “It is done”. “It is done” is the passive form of “I do it”. the possive form of “I have done it”, I expect poeple to use “It has been done”.

When we use had been in a sentence?

Case 2: Use “had been” when two actions are in past and one of the actions was continuing till the other occurred. Example: I had been studying, when the door bell rang. Here, I was still studying when the door bell rang. So my action was in past and continuous.

Are done vs were done?

If it has recently been done, “it is done” is correct. For example, I have just now finished my homework. It is done. But if significant time has passed (i.e., before “just now”), then It was done (last night, for example) is correct.

Are you done yet means?

The use of yet here emphasizes that it has taken a reasonable amount of time or that it has taken too long and implicitly expects an answer in the affirmative. “Are you done?” is just a question to find out whether he is done with it, whereas “Are you done yet” says you had better get done soon if you aren’t already.

What Don means in English?

(Entry 1 of 4) transitive verb. 1 : to put on (an article of clothing) donned his hat and gloves. 2 : to wrap oneself in : take on sense 3a the donning of new and more tyrannous moralities— Edward Sapir. don.