Does Trent have a gym?

Does Trent have a gym?

Welcome to the Trent Athletics Centre, Home of the Excalibur. The Athletics Centre continues to meet the 50% capacity limit for fitness centres announced by the Province of Ontario. We look forward to welcoming you to the Athletics Centre, following our COVID-19 protocols.

How do I book a Trent gym?

How to Make a Booking at the Athletics Centre

  1. Review Facility Use & Allocation Policy.
  2. Complete the required Athletics Facility Booking Request Form.
  3. Send the completed form to [email protected].
  4. Only complete forms will be accepted and processed.

Does Trent University have a pool?

25m pool for all public and lane swims. Specialty features such as the indoor climbing wall, rowing tank, and squash courts. A variety of outdoor facilities – beach volleyball courts, artificial grass stadium field, track, hiking trails and baseball diamond.

Does Trent University have a football team?

Intramurals. The Trent in Durham Student Association organizes an intramural athletic program which includes soccer, flag football, dodgeball and other sports.

Does Trent Durham have a gym?

Gym Membership The membership gives you access to cardio and strength training equipment, indoor running/walking track, swimming pools and ice skating at: The Oshawa Civic Centre.

What is the acceptance rate for Trent University?

33% (2010)
Trent University/Acceptance rate

Does Trent have a hockey team?

Trent University was founded in 1964. Their varsity hockey team was established in 1969-70 when they joined the Ontario Intercollegiate Athletic Association (OIAA), where they remained for two seasons. The University currently has an extra-mural hockey club that won the OCCCR Challenge Cup in 2015.

Is Trent a hard school to get into?

The Symons campus has been divided into five colleges, with each college having its own residential halls and facilities. Some programs allow students to take courses at the Peterborough campus. To take these courses, students have passed the acceptance rate at Trent University, which is not hard to do.

What is Trent University known for?

Consistently recognized nationally for leadership in teaching, research and student satisfaction, Trent attracts excellent students from across the country and around the world.

Does Trent University have a Ringette team?

The Trent Ringette team would like to give a huge shoutout to our graduating student this year. They have been the heart and soul of our team for the past 4 years. …

Does Trent University have a baseball team?

IMLeagues | Baseball (Hardball) (Trent University/Baseball) | IM | League Home.

Is Trent a prestigious school?

Established in 1964, Trent University is among the top 6.1% of universities in the world. The university is ranked as the best undergraduate university in Ontario for 10 years running, and first in Canada for scholarships and bursaries (Maclean’s University Rankings 2021).

Why choose the Athletics Centre at Trent?

When it comes to sport, fitness and recreation, the Athletics Centre at Trent offers something no other community or university centre can – state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities combined with access to the Otonabee River, diverse nature areas and kilometres of winding trails right at our doorstep.

How do I contact Trent University Campus Recreation?

Contact [email protected] All in-person campus recreation programming is scheduled to start the week of January 31, 2022 Online services and campus recreation programs that can be delivered remotely will continue Questions? Contact [email protected]

How do I contact sport at trentu?

Contact [email protected] All sport-based student clubs return to play programming will be paused until the week of January 31, 2022 Return to train opportunities for sports-based student clubs may be permitted starting January 17, 2022.

What is the Trent Central Student Association?

The Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) is committed to bringing about necessary educational, administrative and/or legislative changes in those areas affecting students. The TCSA also supports and sponsors more than 70 clubs and societies on campus, many of which are athletic or sport clubs.