Does MSI support SLI?

Does MSI support SLI?

THE BEST LINK FOR SLI GAMING The MSI GAMING SLI bridge forms the perfect link for your ultimate MSI GAMING SLI setup. Optimized for 4K+ resolutions and 144Hz+ refresh rates, the MSI GAMING SLI bridge is ready for next generation gaming!

What is 3 way Nvidia SLI?

Unmatched Graphics Performance Introducing the latest in NVIDIA SLI technology; 3-Way SLI. With three EVGA 8800 Ultra�s along with the EVGA 680i motherboard, you can have the absolute fastest gaming platform on the planet. Performance: Enables up to 2.8x performance increase over a single GPU.

What is MSI SLI HB Bridge M?

The SLI HB Bridge M features a GAMING armor design with a durable, highly conductive metal shroud on the SLI connectors. The MSI Dragon LED can be customized using the MSI Gaming App. The SLI HB Bridge M is optimized for 4K+ resolutions. The bridge connects from the 1st and 4th slot.

What is an MSI bridge?

The MSI GAMING SLI bridge features a premium LED illuminated GAMING logo forged out of high quality materials that can be controlled by the exclusive MSI Gaming App.

What does a SLI bridge do?

The SLI bridge is used to reduce bandwidth constraints and send data between both graphics cards directly. Since these graphics cards do not use as much bandwidth, data can be relayed through just the chipsets on the motherboard.

What is a 2 way SLI?

SLI allows two, three, or four graphics processing units (GPUs) to share the workload when rendering real-time 3D computer graphics. Ideally, identical GPUs are installed on the motherboard that contains enough PCI Express slots, set up in a master–slave configuration.