Do you have to report new hires in PA?

Do you have to report new hires in PA?

Pennsylvania State law, which requires all Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employers to report their newly hired employees. Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 and 42 U.S.C. 653a. The federal law that requires all employers to comply with the New Hire Reporting program.

Do employers report new hires?

All California employers must report all of their new or rehired employees who work in California to the New Employee Registry within 20 days of their start-of-work date, which is the first day of work. Any employee that is rehired after a separation of at least 60 consecutive days must also be reported within 20 days.

What forms do new employees need to fill out in Pennsylvania?

Required Employment Forms in Pennsylvania

  • Signed Job Offer Letter.
  • W2 Tax Form.
  • I-9 Form and Supporting Documents.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form (template here)
  • Federal W-4 Form.
  • Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Form.
  • Employee Personal Data Form (template here)
  • Company Health Insurance Policy Forms.

What do I have to do to hire an employee?

Before you hire employees

  1. Make sure you have an EIN (Employer Identification Number).
  2. Set up records for withholding taxes.
  3. Define the role you’re hiring for.
  4. Find your candidates.
  5. Conduct interviews.
  6. Run a background check.
  7. Make sure they’re eligible to work in the U.S.

Does Pennsylvania have an employee withholding form?

Complete Form REV-419 so that your employer can withhold the correct Pennsylvania personal income tax from your pay. Complete a new Form REV-419 every year or when your personal or financial situa- tion changes. Photocopies of this form are acceptable.

How to submit a new hire report?

Registered employers can login to complete the online New Hire Reporting Web form or upload a file; or Choose to submit New Hires using a secure file transfer protocol (sFTP). To use this method, please call (888)-245-1938 to request login credentials and to receive the specified file layout for this method of submission.

What is the New Hire Reporting Program?

Responsibilities of Employers. Federal and state law requires employers to report new hires and rehires within 20 calendar days from the date the employee starts earning wages.

  • Reporting New Hires Online. You can report your new hires quickly and easily using our Employer Website portal.
  • Helpful Tips. Report new employees as soon as they are hired.
  • What does the new hire report contain?

    The report lists, for each new hire, all the information required to add them to payroll, including: Personal information changes (name, title, gender, SSN, address, birthdate) Employment information (hire date, type: FT, PT) Compensation (hourly or salary, rates) Tax information (tax states, allowances, extra withholding, filing status, exemptions)

    What is state New Hire Reporting?

    New Hire reporting is a process by which you, as an employer, report information on newly hired employees to a designated state agency shortly after the date of hire.