Do they still make Simco saddles?

Do they still make Simco saddles?

Today – Greenville, TX is still Billy Cook Saddlery’s and Simco/Longhorn’s production location. Since 1919, Tex Tan remains in Yoakum, TX. Abetta saddles and specific leather and synthetic strap goods are manufactured at Action West in McKinney.

What is a Simco saddle?

Features a hand made premium quality leather saddle made in the USA at an affordable price. The Simco Dakota Trail is made with top quality skirting leather with deep Oak Leaf tooling on a genuine Ralide Quarter Horse tree.

How do I look up a saddle serial number?

Depending on the age of your saddle, your serial number will either be on a sewn in tag, or stamped on the under-flap of your saddle. Flaps: Length goes from 1 to 5, 1 being the shortest. The letter following the length number describes the angle of the flap; C being more forward while L is standard (more straight).

What is a round skirt saddle?

Round Skirt Western Saddles have less skirting around the horse’s flank, and are usually somewhat contoured around the seat. Advantages to this type of saddle are that they are lighter weight so may be easier to tack up with and will help ease the burden on a horse carrying close to his weight limit.

Who made Simco saddles?

Robert H. Crates
The Crates name in the western saddlery industry dates back over 75 years to the 1940s, when Robert H. Crates joined T. Fletcher Sims in building Sims Collar & Leather Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, established in 1932, into world-wide distributor and industry leader, Simco Leather Company.

Where are bona Allen saddles made?

Buford, Georgia
The Bona Allen Company is a tannery and leather goods factory that opened in 1873 in Buford, Georgia….Bona Allen Company.

Type Manufacturer
Headquarters Buford, Georgia, USA
Products horse saddles, bridles, horse collars, postal bags, cowboy boots, shoes, baseballs, baseball gloves

What brand is my saddle?

Examine the saddle closely for a manufacturer’s mark or brand name; the brand name should be stamped into the leather or on a small metal plate that has been fastened onto the saddle. Locate the serial number, if possible. The serial number will be located under the skirts or in the same location as the brand name.

How do you read a saddle stamp?

The first digit in each group of numbers refers to the area of the paneling on the saddle, and the second two digits refer to how much additional thickness has been added to that area, in millimeters. If we look at the Voltaire stamp, the fourth and fifth lines tell us the paneling.

What’s the best synthetic saddle?

Here Are the Eight Best Vegan and Synthetic Saddles.

  1. Kincade Synthetic All Purpose Saddle.
  2. Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle.
  3. Henri de Rivel Vegan-X All Purpose Saddle.
  4. Wintec 500 HART All Purpose Saddle.
  5. Acerugs Western Pleasure Saddle.
  6. Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle.
  7. King Series Krypton Square Saddle.

Are Cordura saddles good?

Although they won’t last 40-50 years like a well-maintained leather saddle, they do last many years, often with replacing fenders at a minimal cost. Cordura saddles make for great children’s saddles or for new horse owners. Call our Cordura Saddle Experts at 1.866. 880.2121.

Where are crates saddles made?

Fabtron is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Crates branded saddlery worldwide. We will maintain our two current separate companies and locations in Maryville and Chattanooga as in the past thirty-five plus years. Manufacturing, shipping and administration functions will be centered in Maryville, Tennessee.

When did Fabtron buy crates?

Beginning June 1, 2016, Fabtron, Inc., of Maryville, Tennessee and Crates Leather Company, Inc., of Chattanooga, Tennessee pooled their 70-plus year history of manufacturing equestrian equipment. Fabtron is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Crates branded saddlery worldwide.

How to tell if a Simco saddle has been used?

Vintage Tooled Leather Simco Western Ranch Trail Saddle. The saddle has a 15 1/2″ seat. 25″ skirt, 12″ swells, 7 1/2″ bars, 2 1/2″ cantel. Marked”SIMCO 3100″ This saddle has see some miles, but still has a lot of miles left! Shows normal signs of lot of use. Normal scraps& scuffs. The stirrups are worn, but original to the saddle.

How big is a Simco western saddle?

UP FOR AUCTION HERE: WESTERN SADDLE SIMCO/ MOD: 7400 SIZE: 14 1/2 inch SCALE OF 1-10.A SOLID 8 FOR SALE LOCALLY ALSO WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END SALE AT ANY TIME. WE SHIP IN THE U.S.A. ONLY THANKX GOD BLESS Simco Leather Western Youth/Childs Trail, Pleasure, Show, Reining Saddle !! Very nice Simco leather western saddle.

What kind of Saddle is the SIMCO 8691?

Simco 8691 western saddle 15 inch. Suitable for walking horse 15″ Seat Used Western Saddle Made by Simco. 250 Tooled Leather This is a vintage/used.

How big is the seat of a VTG Simco saddle?

This saddle has a 15 inch smooth seat. Tooled leather with silver and Tapadores and wooden stirrups. Very nice VTG SIMCO saddle, well broken in leather and comfortable. Owned since 1980, 35 years! Has normal wear for its age but sits and rides great!