Do ring guards damage rings?

Do ring guards damage rings?

If you can’t have your ring resized until a future date, your jeweler may add a ring guard to make it a little more snug. It’s a bar that clips across the bottom of your ring, but it should be used for only a short amount of time. “Over time, a ring guard can damage the band,” explains Gandia.

What does a ring enhancer do?

Ring enhancers are specialized items of jewelry meant to improve the appearance of solitaire rings by embellishing them with more stones and providing support. Usually ring enhancers wrap around or above the solitaire to give the appearance of a single ring.

What is the purpose of a ring guard?

Purpose. Ring guards are fundamentally used to protect solitaire rings from damage, or from slipping off. However, ring guards now sport designs that contend with other ring types, and make them viable choices for wedding bands. Solitaire rings often roll over to the side due to the weight of the diamond.

How do you wear an enhancer ring?

These enhancers, sometimes called a guard or insert, sit on either side of the engagement ring, giving the effect of having three bands. Some ring styles allow you to actually slip the engagement ring into the middle where it rests between the other two bands.

Can you resize an enhancer?

Size. If you get the size wrong, the ring guard is basically just done for as it’s extremely rare for a ring enhancer to be conducive to resizing owing to its bifurcated design. When considering the right size, it’s okay to opt for a tad larger than the size of your engagement ring.

Should you size up for ring enhancer?

Ring enhancers add a considerable amount of extra width to your bridal set. It is recommended to go a 1/4 to 1/2 size larger. Your jeweler can help you make sure you have the perfect fit.

Should I size up for ring enhancer?

Can ring enhancer be stretched?

Can The RingWraps Be Resized? Yes, we can resize the RingWraps. We do understand that throughout the years your ring and RingWraps may need to be resized- not a problem.

What do you call a ring that wraps around an engagement ring?

Ring enhancers, also called ring guards, ring wraps, or curved rings are uniquely designed rings, created to be worn with solitaire diamond rings.

Can you put a ring enhancer on any ring?

Wedding ring enhancers can be of the same metal that your engagement ring is in, or a complimentary metal. White gold, yellow gold, platinum, and titanium wedding rings are most commonplace.

What is the best Ring Wrap for my engagement ring?

One white gold ring wrap uses pave set round cut diamonds sized to their position on the curved band. Another ring enhancer acts as an insert, where the engagement ring fits into the ring wrap to create a three stone with two baguette diamonds. For wraps like these, solitaires work the best.

What is the best wrap for a solitaire ring?

A simple wrap ring that embraces your solitaire – or a style that holds your solitaire ring between rows of diamonds to form an unforgettable bridal set! Brilliant-Cut Contour Anniversary Band 1/10ct. T.W. Diamond Engagement Ring Enhancer Wrap 1/4ct. T.W. in 14K White Gold Black & White Diamond 5/8ctw. Engagement Ring Insert Wrap in 14k White Gold

What is the difference between Ring Wraps and Ring guards?

Where ring wraps cover only the outside of your ring, a ring guard covers your entire ring. Depending on the type of protection you need, each of these greatly decrease the likelihood of scuffs and cracked edges on your diamond. If you have an older ring, the guards and wraps can be used to reinforce the weak areas in the band.

What is the best ring guard for my engagement ring?

For wraps like these, solitaires work the best. The ring guards in this collection beautifully encase your engagement ring, giving it much more dimension and sparkle. With pave set round cut diamonds, one white gold ring guard offers an excellent amount of craftsmanship and style to your ring.