Do kids wetsuits keep them warm?

Do kids wetsuits keep them warm?

When wearing a good quality wetsuit your child will be completely protected allowing them to enjoy their water for longer. The UK waters can be pretty chilly at the best of times and often the cheaper wetsuits offer very little in the way of warmth.

Do toddlers need wetsuits?

Your infant or toddler needs a wetsuit designed differently than the one required by a seasoned swimmer or surfer. For the tiny ones who are just getting introduced to the pool and beach, a wetsuit’s main purpose is to give warmth and fit snuggly to them. It doesn’t need to be a high-end one for surfing.

What size wetsuit does my child need?

Kids’ O’Neill Wetsuit & Rashguard Size Chart

Size Height Weight (lbs)
3 3’6.5″ – 3’10.5″ 35 – 40
4 3’10.5″ – 4’1.5″ 40 – 55
6 4’1.5″ – 4’4.5″ 50 – 65
8 4’4.5″ – 4’7.5″ 60 – 75

What should children wear under wetsuit?

A rash guard for your upper body is also advisable to avoid chaffing and itchiness from the wetsuit material. When paddling in colder temperatures, this extra layer of clothing will keep your body warm. You have the chance to choose a rash guard with long sleeves or one with shorter sleeves.

What is a 2mm wetsuit?

A 2/2 wetsuit is made entirely of 2mm thick neoprene. 6/5/4 mm. 39-46°F.

What age is a size 3 wetsuit?

O’Neill Kid’s Wetsuit Size chart (in)

Size/Age Height (in) Waist (in)
3 3’6.5″ – 3’10.5″ 20″ – 22″
4 3’10.5″ – 4’1.5″ 20″ – 22″
6 4’1.5″ – 4’4.5″ 21.5″ – 23.5″
8 4’4.5″ – 4’7.5″ 23″ – 25″

What type of wetsuit is best for kids?

A full body wetsuit is recommended for sports such as surfing, in which kids are exposed to harsh ocean conditions. For warmer water conditions, sports that require more mobility, or activities off the beach, consider a springsuit or shorty wetsuit.

What size of wetsuit do I Need?

As a general rule, 1mm and 2mm wetsuits are good for 70 degrees and up; 3/2mm for 60 degrees and up; 4/3mm for 52 degrees and up; and 5/4/3mm for 45 degrees and up. Our selection of boy’s wetsuits and girl’s wetsuits includes fullsuits, shorty springsuits, hooded full wetsuits, and a variety of wetsuit separates.

What are the benefits of wearing a wetsuit?

Wearing a wetsuit is permanent protection against UV rays, so you don’t have to interrupt family fun to reapply so much sunscreen. These suits also protect against abrasions and rashes from body surfing and boogie boarding. When wearing a wetsuit at the beach, kids will stay warm for hours in chilly, early summer water.