Do Big Bear cabins have heaters?

Do Big Bear cabins have heaters?

All of our homes have heat.

Do Big Bear Cabins have AC?

Windows and screens should be in good repair so guests can enjoy the cool night air and the house can be properly ventilated, as most cabins in Big Bear do not have air conditioning which is frequently requested by renters.

How do you stay warm in Big Bear?

Mountain air is much drier than the valley. Blankets– Bring a couple blankets along to stay warm in case you get stranded for any reason. If you don’t use them in your car, you can always use them to stay extra cozy at your Big Bear cabin rental. Let there be light– Bring a flashlight.

Do you need snow boots in Big Bear?

Dress for Success at Big Bear Snow Play All participants should wear a hat, gloves, boots, a wind and water-resistant jacket and snow pants. Bring sunscreen and lip balm because the snow reflects the sun even on cloudy days.

What kind of maintenance do Big Bear cabin rentals require?

Big Bear Cabin Rentals require weekly maintenance for the following; spa service, landscaping services, and irrigation. These outside companies are usually at the homes for less than 15 minutes with routine maintenance scheduled during weekdays. More extensive maintenance will be scheduled around your booking.

Does Bigbig bear provide trash removal for vacation rentals?

Big Bear does not provide trash removal for vacation rentals. Therefore, you must remove all of your trash. Renters are required to take their trash to the dump site. Failure to take trash to the dump sites will result in a minimum fee of $25 per bag.

What is destdestination Big Bear’s check-in policy?

Destination Big Bear inspects all properties the day of your arrival to ensure the home is ready for your stay. Early check-ins can dramatically affect our quality assurance program and our staff will make an effort to accommodate your request if possible, but is not guaranteed.

What are the parking laws in Big Bear Lake City?

The Big Bear Lake City ordinance limits the number of cars that can park at each property. These are set by the city or county and are non-negotiable. Guests found to be in violation will be subject to immediate eviction and forfeit of all rental fees, charges and deposits.