Did Warrior Dash go out of business?

Did Warrior Dash go out of business?

Warrior Dash was a 5 km mud run put on by Red Frog Events, an event company based in Chicago, Illinois. As of July 31, 2019, Red Frog events is no longer a company and has cancelled all Warrior Dash races and ceased operations.

Why did Warrior Dash go out of business?

According to a tweet from Warrior Dash, its parent company, Red Frog, decided to vacate the obstacle course industry to focus on “other endeavors.”

Who bought Warrior Dash?

Spartan to Acquire Some Of Warrior Dash Assets – Obstacle Racing Media.

How old do you have to be to do the Warrior Dash?

10 years of age
Registration includes a medal, fuzzy helmet, shirt, all-day festival access, event photos, and a free beer! If you run the 10K course, you’ll also get a commemorative pin and an extra free beer. You can participate on your own or as part of a team. You just have to be at least 10 years of age to run the course!

Is Tough Mudder going out of business?

In January 2020, the Tough Mudder was petitioned for involuntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy by creditors Valley Builders LLC, Trademarc Associates Inc….Tough Mudder.

Official Tough Mudder logo
A participant completes the Walk the Plank obstacle at the SoCal 2013 Tough Mudder event.
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY

What is the best obstacle course race?

7 Obstacle Course Races That Will Seriously Test Your Fitness

  • of 7. Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder’s slogan is “probably the toughest event on the planet,” and for good reason.
  • of 7. Spartan Race.
  • of 7. Zombie Mud Run.
  • of 7. Warrior Dash.
  • of 7. Civilian Military Combine.
  • of 7. GORUCK Challenge.
  • of 7.

What obstacles are in the Warrior Dash?

Obstacles For 10K

  • No Man’s Land.
  • Upslide Down XL.
  • Summit Plummet.
  • Warrior Roast.
  • Warrior Summit.
  • Mud Mounds.
  • Pallet Jacked.
  • Rock Slide.

How long is conquer the gauntlet?

4 miles
Conquer The Gauntlet™ is the most EXTREME 4 miles on the planet. Race through grueling terrain and CONQUER over 25 of the largest, most unique, and challenging obstacles on earth! This is not another mud run or a 5k with a few walls.

How long is a Warrior Run?

The race is part of an international series and involves running 3.1 miles over, under, or through a variety of obstacles.

Do they have showers at Tough Mudder?

Have no fear— showering off that mud is almost as easy as getting it on, thanks to conveniently-located Rinse Stations loaded with Every Man Jack grooming products.

Is Tough Mudder owned by Spartan?

Spartan acquired Tough Mudder in January, 2020, and after a lengthy delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand held its first U.S. event under the new ownership on April 24, 2021.

What is Spartan Death race?

The Spartan Death Race is the toughest race in the world; even its name strike fear into the hearts of the most seasoned athlete. The latest, grueling Death Race included: A torturous 14-hour ruck. A 50lb sandbag carry for 26.2 miles. Rope climbs with a combined distance of 26.2 miles or 31,000 feet in only seven hours.