Did Skyline RV go out of business?

Did Skyline RV go out of business?

When Skyline Corp. rolled the last RV off the assembly line in the Great Recession and shut down in April 2012, it was a stunning blow to the San Jacinto Valley economy. The company that had a legacy of passing down jobs through generations was once one of Hemet’s biggest employers.

Who bought out Skyline RV?

On Friday, EverGreen announced it had purchased Skyline’s Recreational Vehicles Division and all of its assets. No purchase price was disclosed. All current Skyline employees in that division — more than 100 working in Bristol — will be retained, Rose said.

Who makes Malibu travel trailers?

Skyline Corporation
Part of Skyline Corporation, the Malibu line of fifth wheel and travel trailers were introduced during the 2007 model year. Ranging in lengths from 20 to 33 feet, Malibu trailers served as both as comfortable trailers for camping or as toy haulers. Malibu trailers were finally produced in 2010.

Who manufactures Skyline trailers?

EverGreen Recreational Vehicles
EverGreen Recreational Vehicles has purchased the RV business and a manufacturing facility of Skyline Corporation, which has exited the RV business to concentrate on manufactured housing. The cash price for the RV business and real estate in Bristol, Indiana, was $981,000.

Where are Skyline travel trailers made?

In 1994, the company upgraded its manufactured housing plant in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and its RV plant in McMinnville, Oregon. The following year, Skyline laid out another $10 million to renovate four more facilities–in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Louisiana.

Who makes Skyline Nomad?

A division of Skyline Corporation, Nomad exists as a builder of vacation trailers and park model units. Constructed on welded aluminum frames, the travel trailer and fifth wheel trailers produced under the Nomad name have ranged from 15 to 40 feet in length.

Who makes the Layton Travel Trailer?

A product of Skyline Corporation, Layton offers a line-up of travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and park models. Building trailers between 15 and 42 feet in length, Layton products are ideal for family camping trips.

Where are Skyline RVS made?

Who makes Skyline Nomad travel trailer?

Nomad Note 2015 and newer year models are manufactured by Skyline RV, a division of Evergreen LLC. Everything prior to 2015 was manufactured by Skyline Corporation.