Did Cloud9 ever win Worlds?

Did Cloud9 ever win Worlds?

Cloud9 has held divisions in numerous esports throughout its existence, establishing eight by 2014. In 2018, Cloud9 won three international championships: the Rocket League Championship Series Season 6 World Championship, the 2018 Overwatch League Grand Finals, and the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018.

Who is C9 mid?

Fudge Allami

Role Handle Name
Mid Fudge Allami, Ibrahim
Bot Berserker Kim Min-cheol
Support Winsome Kim Dong-keon
Support Isles Rosario, Jonah

Who is Max Waldo?

Maxwell Alexander “Max” Waldo is a League of Legends esports player, currently position & strategic coach for Cloud9. He was previously known as Max Waldo and kaizen.

Is shroud Russian?

Michael Grzesiek (born June 2, 1994), better known as Shroud (formerly mEclipse), is a Canadian streamer, YouTuber and former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. Grzesiek is often recognized as one of the best “aimers”.

Did C9 get shroud kicked?

Not only is shroud saying goodbye to competing, but he is also leaving the Cloud9 organization. Shroud will continue streaming on his Twitch channel, he just won’t be representing Cloud9 from now on.

Why is Cloud9 the best League of Legends team?

Cloud9 League of Legends Cloud9 League of Legends boasts a rich history which upholds the values of determination, peak performance, and teamwork. The teams unshakable dedication to being the best in League of Legends reverberates throughout the professional sphere.

What happened to Cloud9 in the S3 Championship?

With high hopes, C9 went straight into the S3 Championship quarterfinals for being the North American champions. Their first international match as a team was against the top European seed, Fnatic. In a formidable set of games, Cloud9 lost 1-2, being the last North American team to be eliminated and ending up in eighth place.

Is there a North American version of Cloud9?

Cloud9 was the North American team fan-voted to IEM San Jose. They defeated paiN Gaming 2-0, Alliance 2-1, and then Unicorns of Love 3-0 to win the tournament. On December 30, it was announced that Cloud9 were holding open tryouts for a North American Challenger team. See information about this team at Cloud9 Tempest .

What happened to Cloud9 Worlds 2018?

After losing the first game despite opening up an early lead, C9 won the next two games to put them one win away from becoming the first North American team ever to advance to the semifinals of Worlds. However, Cloud9’s luck ran out there, as they lost the next two games and were eliminated, ending their Worlds journey. 2018 Season