Can you treat conjunctivitis in dogs with over the counter?

Can you treat conjunctivitis in dogs with over the counter?

Hello this may be due to allergies but could be an eye infection. You can use allergy eye drops that you can get over the counter at most drug stores.. if this does not improve, it would be best for your dog to see you vet for prescription antibiotic drops.

How can I treat my dogs conjunctivitis at home?

The only home remedy that’s recommended for mild eye problems in dogs is a saltwater rinse. You can also use this treatment to clean and keep your dog’s eyes moist while waiting to take him to the vet. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of boiled or mineral water.

What can I give my dog for conjunctivitis?

Treatment is directed at the specific cause and may include both topical and oral medications. Topical gentamicin, tobramycin, chloramphenicol, oxytetracycline, ciprofloxacin or triple-antibiotic ophthalmic ointments and solutions are commonly prescribed.

Do OTC Pink eye drops work?

Over-the-counter pink eye medicine Generally speaking, there aren’t any over-the-counter (OTC) medications that will treat viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. However, they may help alleviate symptoms. Artificial tears are often the first OTC treatments recommended by doctors.

How to know if your dog has conjunctivitis?

Dog pink eye often causes severe itching of the entire eye area. You may notice your dog attempting to find relief by rubbing her eye on the corner of the couch or carpet. Dogs with pink eye also tend to use their paws to scratch the eye and to attempt to remove excess discharge, which can be very irritating for the dog.

How can I treat my dog’s conjunctivitis?

Home remedies to treat dog conjunctivitis Hold your pet still. Your dog’s eyes should be clear and moist. Warm compress. Immerse a clean cloth or handkerchief in warm water. Sterile saline contact lens solution. Wash your pet’s eyes with sterile contact lens. Aloe Vera gel. Coconut oil. Aromatherapy oils. Cucumber slices and juice. Herbal teas. Witch hazel. Homeopathic remedies for dog eye infections.

What is the best over the counter antibiotic for dogs?


  • Clavamox.
  • Cephalexin.
  • Sulfamethox.
  • Gentamicin.
  • How to treat conjunctivitis in a dog?

    Clean the eye with a soft piece of cotton wool soaked in warm water and free it from the discharge. Do not clean over the eye just around it.

  • Foreign bodies need to be excluded with a good inspection.
  • Dogs with watery discharge may be helped in some cases at home by applying a moist warm tea bag (just plain tea) to the eyes.