Can you drive to Kettle Falls MN?

Can you drive to Kettle Falls MN?

Can visitors drive there? There are no roads to Kettle Falls. Visitors can get there by starting from Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan, or Crane Lake. Visitors can get there by private boat, the park boat tours, commercial water taxi, or floatplane.

Can you visit Voyageurs National Park without a boat?

If you’re wondering how challenging it is to visit Voyageurs given that it’s almost exclusively accessible by boat – don’t! The area has countless lodges and outfitters that will rent you any kind of boat you could want from a canoe on up to a houseboat at very reasonable prices.

Is the Kettle Falls Hotel open?

The hotel remains open to visitors with fuel, barroom, and portage services still in full operation. Details and updates on park operations will continue to be posted on our website at and and social media channels.

Can you kayak at Voyageurs National Park?

Get the Most Out of Voyageurs National Park You can either bring your own boat or rent one from us. You can use your canoe or kayak to explore narrow waterways that are not navigable by larger boats.

How long is the boat ride to Kettle Falls Hotel?

13 mi
Kettle Falls Hotel  From the end of the nearest road it’s a 13 mi boat ride.

Can you boat from Crane Lake to Rainy Lake?

To the east, Lake Kabetogama connects into Namakan Lake Namakan Lake is a gateway to the Ash River, Crane Lake to the south and Rainy Lake to the North. For a small fee, your boat is put on a trailer and shuttled a short distance to Rainy Lake.

How many bears are in Voyageurs National Park?

Approximately 150 black bears live in Voyageurs National Park. These bears symbolize the wilderness quality of northern Minnesota and can be a memorable wildlife observation. Unfortunately, each summer numerous human-bear incidents occur.

Is Voyageurs Park open?

ALL PARK HOURS Voyageurs is open 24-hours a day year-round, although activities and services are limited after visitor center hours.

Can you canoe in Voyageurs?

Just west of the BWCAW along the Minnesota-Canada border, Voyageurs has a similar landscape, but more services like visitors’ centers and campgrounds. Motorboats are allowed in the park, but the interior lakes are reserved only for canoes. Canoes can be rented on-site, after crossing the portage to these lakes.