Can you dig trenches with a skid steer?

Can you dig trenches with a skid steer?

Excavating, digging and trenching: A skid steer is great for earthmoving tasks like digging, trenching and excavating. With these attachments, you can also scoop up rocks while you level the ground without leaving big trenches behind.

Can you dig a trench with a bobcat?

If your customer needs a shallow, narrow trench, the application might be better suited to a backhoe attachment. For example, on some of Bobcat’s smaller machines, you can use a backhoe that digs to a depth of 6 feet with a skid steer as narrow as 36 inches.

How much does a skid steer trencher weigh?

Weight: 7,893 lb.

How much does a bobcat trencher weigh?


Model Trencher, LT113
Operating Weight 615 lb
Length 60.7 in
Width 36 in

How deep can a skid steer trencher go?

The most popular trencher on the market for mini skid steers with a maximum depth of 3 feet! To suit mini skid steer loaders like Bobcat MT, Dingo, Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Toro etc. The laborious task of digging a trench has been transformed since the advent of the Trencher Attachment.

How fast can a mini excavator trench?

A project that would take one person a full day to dig, a mini excavator could do in an hour or less.

How deep does the Bobcat trencher go?

Trenchers that really dig their work! With 2- and 3-foot dig depths, the LT112, LT113 and LT213 are ideal for light-to-medium trenching jobs. The LT313, with its 3- or 4-foot dig depth, can easily handle medium-to-high production trenching.

How deep can a skid steer dig?

Trenchers. Trenchers are useful in the fields of construction, farming and landscaping. This balanced, powerful attachment is used to dig narrow, straight trenches at varying depths. All skid steer sizes support trenchers that can dig at least 3 feet deep, whereas larger options can dig trenches up to 5 feet deep.