Can you buy an inhaler spacer over the counter?

Can you buy an inhaler spacer over the counter?

Spacers are medical devices. Your doctor can write a prescription for one, and you can pick one up from most pharmacies. You can also buy them online, with or without a prescription.

Do you need a prescription for an AeroChamber?

AeroChamber Plus® Flow-Vu® VHC is a device available by prescription only for patients who may have difficulty with the coordination and control involved in using MDIs correctly.

Which is the best spacer?

  1. Editor’s Pick: Spidertrax Wheel Spacers.
  2. KSP Performance.
  3. Rough Country Spacers.
  4. Zhteapr Universal Wheel Spacers.
  5. ZY Wheel Spacers for Lug Bolts.
  6. ECCPP HD Truck Spacers.
  7. Venum Wheels Black Wheel Spacers.
  8. Rough Country Red Spacers.

Why does my AeroChamber whistle?

Push the inhaler once, while you breathe in and out slowly 4 to 6 times with your mouth on the mouthpiece. When you breathe in too fast, you will hear a whistle sound. This is an alarm to tell you to slow down when you are breathing in.

How do I get an AeroChamber?

Where to buy the AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Chamber

  1. CONSUMERS. Allergan.
  2. HOSPITALS. Monaghan Medical Corporation. (518) 561-7330.
  3. The AeroChamber* Brand of VHC is available in over 110 countries worldwide. Please contact us to find a distributor near you. +1-519-455-4862.

What age is Aerochamber for?

A practical guide to inhalers The orange aerochamber (infant) for babies under 1 year old. The yellow aerochamber (child) is suitable for most children from 1 to 10 years. The blue aerochamber is the adult spacer suitable for over 10 years. The blue aerochamber also comes with a mouthpiece and no mask.

How to use an aerochamber?

Hold the inhaler in one hand and using the thumb on your free hand push the thumbgrip down until you hear a click to reveal the mouthpiece

  • Using the same thumb slide the lever away from the mouthpiece until you hear a click
  • Breathe out gently then place the mouthpiece between your lips.
  • Hold your breath for ten seconds if you are able
  • How to use MDI with spacer?

    Remove the caps from the inhaler and spacer.

  • Shake the inhaler canister thoroughly.
  • Insert the inhaler canister into the open end of the mouthpiece; you’ll find the hole directly opposite the spacer’s mouthpiece.
  • Completely exhale all of your air.
  • Insert the mouthpiece between your teeth and close your lips around it tightly.
  • Why use spacers with inhalers?

    A spacer is a tube that attaches to the inhaler and holds the medication until you can breathe it in. This makes the device easier to use and helps get the medication into your lungs. Not all inhalers are used with a spacer, so ask your pharmacist if you need one.

    How to use a spacer with your inhaler?

    Remove the caps from your inhaler and spacer. Check to make sure there is nothing in the mouthpiece that could block the medicine from coming out.

  • Put the spacer onto the inhaler.
  • Shake the inhaler to mix the medicine.
  • Hold the inhaler upright,with the mouthpiece of the spacer pointing towards your mouth.