Can you buy a phone outright from 02?

Can you buy a phone outright from 02?

Contrary to some answers in this thread, yes you can buy a phone from an O2 store without paying the additional top up charge for the sim. Although yes the device will not be “sim free” or “unlocked” it will work perfectly fine with your Pay Monthly sim card, or indeed any O2 SIM.

Is it safe to buy from Smartymix website?

We strongly suggest you to stay away from in conclusion, smartymizis not a trusted place for shopping online. There are already number of people who got cheated by So please be aware.

Do O2 sell locked phones?

Does O2 lock phones? All pay monthly phones bought on O2 from June 2018 are sold unlocked. Pay as you go phones sold on O2 are still sold locked to the network. But can be easily unlocked.

Can I put an EE SIM in an O2 phone?

You Can Contact O2 On Social Media Its free for Contract Customers or £15 for Payg Customers. Once the unlock has been supplied you can then insert your ee sim and set up the phones settings to work with ee’s network.

Why buy a refurbished phone from O2?

Finally, we securely wipe all device data so you can start using your device straight away. Refurbished devices are not just affordable, but also more sustainable. By purchasing a Like New phone from O2, you are helping to reduce e-waste that can end up in landfills.

How long does it take to return an O2 device?

They’ve all been security wiped and if you change your mind, you’ll get 14 days to return it just like a new phone. Like New devices are not brand new, but they’re not far off. They’re available online and over the phone. Like New phones are delivered in an O2 branded box.

What is an O2 Refresh contract?

O2’s contracts, dubbed ‘O2 Refresh’, separate the handset and airtime portions of your bill, allowing you to cancel the airtime plan and pay off the handset at any point. Some tariffs, particularly with refurbished (like new) handsets, have a low handset cost once you’ve cancelled the airtime segment, making it a great way to nab a cheap phone.

What is a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones are those that were sent back by customers because they were faulty or simply sold on by their previous owner – they’ll have been checked and if necessary restored to full working order.