Can LLVM compile for Windows?

Can LLVM compile for Windows?

Welcome to LLVM on Windows! This component compiles C, C++, Objective C, and Objective C++ code into LLVM bitcode. Clang typically uses LLVM libraries to optimize the bitcode and emit machine code. LLVM fully supports the COFF object file format, which is compatible with all other existing Windows toolchains.

How do I set up LLVM?

Follow the steps below.

  1. Create a directory to host your LLVM pass.
  2. Update the CMake file in the Transforms directory.
  3. Create a CMake file for your LLVM pass.
  4. CPP file for your LLVM pass.
  5. Compiling your first pass.

Does C compile to LLVM?

LLVM currently supports compiling of Ada, C, C++, D, Delphi, Fortran, Haskell, Julia, Objective-C, Rust, and Swift using various front ends. Widespread interest in LLVM has led to several efforts to develop new front ends for a variety of languages.

How do I enable LLVM?

  1. Navigate to the LLVM sources: cd /opt/llvm-project/llvm.
  2. Create your build directory and navigate to it. mkdir build && cd build.
  3. Use CMake to prepare your build directory. This is the step where you need take care of setting the variables.
  4. Build LLVM, this may take a while: cmake –build .
  5. Install LLVM: cmake –build .

How do I get LLVM-config?

llvm-config does not exist in windows prebuilt binaries. You need to compile from the source code to get it. Grab CMAKE > 3.5 , install it and make sure you add it to PATH. In cmd, type cmake .

What is LLVM C?

This modules provide an interface to libLLVMCore, which implements the LLVM intermediate representation as well as other related types and utilities. Instruction Builders. An instruction builder represents a point within a basic block and is the exclusive means of building instructions using the C interface.


LLVM isn’t a virtual machine. LLVM is not a virtual machine. It’s a compiler infrastructure.

What is LLVM link?

DESCRIPTION. llvm-link takes several LLVM bitcode files and links them together into a single LLVM bitcode file. It writes the output file to standard output, unless the -o option is used to specify a filename.

What is llvm-config?

DESCRIPTION. llvm-config makes it easier to build applications that use LLVM. It can print the compiler flags, linker flags and object libraries needed to link against LLVM.

How do I generate LLVM project files in CMake?

Use CMake to generate up-to-date project files: Once CMake is installed then the simplest way is to just start the CMake GUI, select the directory where you have LLVM extracted to, and the default options should all be fine.

How do I install LLVM from the build directory?

After LLVM has finished building, install it from the build directory: The –target option with install parameter in addition to the –build option tells cmake to build the install target. It is possible to set a different install prefix at installation time by invoking the cmake_install.cmake script generated in the build directory:

Does LLVM run on Windows?

The last major part of LLVM, the execution Test Suite, does not run on Windows, and this document does not discuss it. Additional information about the LLVM directory structure and tool chain can be found on the main Getting Started with the LLVM System page.

How do I run LLVM tests in Visual Studio Code?

You can run LLVM tests by merely building the project “check”. The test results will be shown in the VS output window. Test LLVM on the command line: The LLVM tests can be run by changing directory to the llvm source directory and running: