Can I print without replacing toner?

Can I print without replacing toner?

When “Toner Low” is displayed, prepare a new toner cartridge. If you do not have a new toner cartridge at hand and need printing before obtaining it, you can continue printing about 20 pages(*1) by opening and closing the front cover or the output tray. Print quality is not guaranteed.

What is toner without chip?

If your new compatible toner cartridge came without a chip, you will have to re-use the chip from the original HP toner that came with your printer in order to use the compatible toner. The cartridge will work fine EXCEPT the printer will not read the toner levels.

How do I empty my printer toner?

Pull out the plastic pegs that hold the toner container to the cartridge case and separate the case and container. Unscrew the two screws holding the plate onto the toner container. Hold the cartridge with two hands inside the plastic bag. Turn the cartridge over and carefully empty the waste toner into the bag.

Will the Oki okay C332 printer output tray cover close?

Oki okay C332 printer output tray cover will not close the Oki okay C332 printer output tray cover will not close the strips that hang down from under it are not lining up between the toner cartridges to fit in between.  read more Andrew Taylor IT System Administrator Bachelor of Computer Science

How to reset toner life counter after replacing the print/toner cartridge?

Reset Toner Life Counter After Replacing the Print/Toner Cartridge. (B6100) Reset the Print/Toner Cartridge counter after it is replaced. Access the printer “System Menu” and select “Reset Toner Life”. The follow steps can be followed as a guide.

How to reset Okidata toner drum to default settings?

RESET OKIDATA TONER DRUM printerexpert : 1) Turn off printer. 2) Hold down “+” and “-” buttons at the same time, and keep them held down while turning printer back on… continue to hold until the word “OKIUSER” appears. 3) Use “-” button to scroll down to “FUSE KEEP MODE”.

Why is there a message for toner cartridge life?

If you currently have an error message for toner cartridge life, the message will continue to be shown until after you’ve sent one print job, and then it will usually disappear for awhile. It will stay gone for longer if you have your printer set up so the toner sensor is turned off or failing.